New women’s clothing store opens in Scunthorpe town center

A new women’s clothing store has opened to the public in Scunthorpe.

Pinky has taken over the former premises of the Topman store on Scunthorpe High Street. The old Topman store had been closed since last year following the collapse of Arcadia.

Fashion company ASOS bought the chain which included big names such as Miss Selfridge, HIIT and Topman. The move resulted in the loss of 2,500 jobs, with stores in Scunthorpe and Grimsby closing in February 2021.

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The former Topman unit was leased by PPH Commercial. A brand new business has taken its place that sells women’s clothing and accessories.

Shoppers in the area had noticed activity in the old Topman store with a new sign placed above.

Pinky has taken over the old Topman unit in the main street of Scunthorpe

Kimberley Rolls, 34, told Scunthorpe Live: “After so many high street shops recently closed, it’s great to see someone trying high street and we should really support them.

“It’s very pretty inside with lots of fashionable clothes that will appeal to women of all ages. There are summer clothes with lots of bright colors.

“I hope people give it a chance. It’s a brilliant addition to Scunthorpe town centre.”

Louise Sayles, 41, says she likes the new layout of the store.

She said: “Pinky is a wonderful little shop with fantastic clothes. The quality of the items is amazing.

“Love the layout inside and you almost forget it was a Topman store. I was shocked to see the store fill up so quickly after being vacant for so long.

“It’s a nice addition to Scunthorpe and I hope it goes well. We’ve had enough bad news with the closures so that’s definitely a positive.”

Polly Stewart, 25, thinks Pinky is a big hit for Scunthorpe. She feels that there aren’t enough clothing stores in the city right now.

The 25-year-old told Scunthorpe Live: “I walked in this morning and the clothes inside are really on trend with lots of items available for the summer. It’s a great store and a very big blow for the region.

“We don’t have enough clothing stores in the city other than Primark. I like going there, but it’s nice to have something different so you don’t end up buying and wearing the same clothes at Primark .

“It’s just nice to have that variety and freedom. We need more fashionable shops in Scunthorpe for women.

“It will definitely be one of them.”

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