Courtesy Assembly Creators Market Several stores in Evanston, such as Assembly Creators Market, sell masks that have become indispensable due to the pandemic. But for stores, they are more than protective, they are also in fashion. Demand for face masks increased exponentially when the coronavirus struck. Dr Anthony Fauci, directorRead More →

Central Saint Martins graduate Jessan Macatangay incorporated deconstructed chairs into his striking fashion collection, to symbolize how people carry the weight of personal struggles. Entitled Finding Beauty and Power in Struggle, the collection is made up of five different looks that gradually become lighter and less bulky, as they graduallyRead More →

Liana Satenstein: To Steff’s point: this story we did about the photographer photographing people’s masks in Brooklyn, it makes sense to wear one that has personality and is a self-expression and feels positive. It’s more welcoming even if you can’t see a person’s emotions. I think doing it yourself isRead More →

By Wanying ZhaoMedill Reports China, the world’s largest clothing manufacturer, is also quickly taking the lead in clothing design. At the Bronzeville boutique in Chicago’s southern neighborhood, owner Treva Salaam discovered that her favorite fashion country was Guangzhou, China. “I go to a lot of clothing salons. I go toRead More →

Fashion accessories have only recently been introduced into the formal retail experience. With a long history in the unorganized, unbranded market, ranging from street vendors to small “mom and pop stores”, fashion accessories are now also available in collections curated by luxury boutiques, big name brands. street, international accessory chains,Read More →

As London Fashion Week coming to an end, designers and critics are soaking up the latest trends. Researchers from Sainte-Catherine University in Minnesota, are also exploring how new technologies such as 3D printing can create innovative garments that minimize waste. This discoveries, published in SpringerOpen, detailed durable 3D printed accessoriesRead More →

Part of what turns a fashionable person from a trend setter to a household name is instantly recognizable style. Think the monochrome looks of Kim Kardashian, the man-woman mission of Victoria Beckham, the sculpted-shoulder blazers of Grace Jones, and the mermaid silhouettes of Sofia Vergara. In an ever-changing industry, aRead More →