Payment Processing Tips for Online Clothing Store

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In the current era, most shopping has moved online. People prefer to order the desired item from a single screen with just a few clicks instead of going back and forth between different outlets.

Currently, 63% of Americans have made purchases online, of which 59% buy clothes.

Fashion is an ever-growing market, and now that it has moved online, people are shopping for more clothes in an even more convenient way.

One of the most important factors that attract more customers to an online store is its user-friendly checkout process. So, if you have an online fashion store, be sure to offer your customers the best payment processing options for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Here’s how:


The first step you need to make your payment process easier is to customize your payment system. It must adequately meet the needs of your customers while saving them time.

Here’s how you can customize your shopping cart and checkout process to increase your online sales:

Floating trolley

A floating cart is a small shopping cart icon that appears in a corner of the window. When your customer adds something to the cart, it appears as a pop-up on the screen.

This saves your customers from having to leave the product page to check what’s in their cart.

Not only that, but it also allows your customers to focus on their purchases, which leads to an increase in your sales.

Show discounts

The basket must also indicate the reduced price of the products. Whether the discount is on individual products or on the total, customize your store’s shopping cart to display it when shopping.

This is because customers quickly lose interest if they have to leave the product page to check their cart again and again.


Your online store pages should be compatible with different devices. It should not be lagging or crashing due to slow speed and heavy pages.

To make the site easy to use, you should design it lightweight to help your customers browse your product catalog and checkout smoothly. By this we mean that it should not contain large photos and videos, which usually take a long time to load.

Payment as a guest

Most online clothing stores require you to create an account before placing an order. This way, the customer can be distracted and look for other options that provide a faster checkout process without signing up for different accounts.

In fact, most new customers prefer guest checkout instead of customer checkout.

Additionally, most customers do not feel comfortable backing up their personal data with the provider. Apart from that, filling a complete registration form also takes time which disrupts the buying process and makes the checkout process daunting.

Therefore, it is important to have a protected guest checkout option in your online store for easy payment processing.


To make an online payment, your customers will need to share their personal information like name, address, credit card details, contact number, etc.

Remember that they will only share this information when your website protects their data.

So here’s how you can keep them safe:

SSL certificate

An SSL certificate ensures that your customer’s personal information does not leave the store’s database anywhere. Other than that, this certificate helps your website rank higher on Google search pages.

It also prevents attackers and scammers from creating a fake version of your website and collecting people’s data on your brand name.

Using the firewall

Using a firewall will prevent your user’s data from being attacked by a fraudulent source. It will carefully monitor the traffic and ensure that their data is not stolen, especially from your online store.

By installing a firewall, you can keep hackers and attackers at bay. It will also protect your customers’ gadgets from unnecessary data attacks through your website.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication requires the user to use another factor (more like a secure PIN or password) to process their payments. Indeed, a single-factor password can easily be hacked by professional attackers online.

With a two-way authentication method, your customers will receive a one-time password (OTP) on their phone number registered with their credit/debit card. Then they must enter this code at checkout to make a safe and secure payment.

payment methods

Finally, you need to provide different payment methods to your customers. So, to guarantee this, you must opt ​​for known and reliable payment methods that will make your customer’s experience even easier.

Apart from this, various payment methods will increase your customer base due to convenience and availability.

Here are the most commonly used online payment methods:

Bank transfer

Wire transfer means that your customer will send money directly from their account to your company’s account. This is the most common type of cashless payment that requires the customer’s bank account number.

A bank transfer can also be made internationally, which means that you receive your payments from all over the world.


Paypal is an online payment option that allows the secure transfer of money regulated by a third party. It is one of the most common online money transfers, both personal and commercial.

Paypal has over 426 million registered users on their system who entrust their money to them.

Digital payment

Other digital payment methods include Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Beepaid and Samsung Pay. These options are not only convenient, but also do not require your personal or banking information.

This way you can transfer money as discreetly and effortlessly as possible. With these options you also get loyalty points, discounts, etc.

After payment

After pay is a new financial technology that allows you to pay for your purchased products in installments. Plus, it lets you make the first four parts of the payment initially so you can pay the rest of the installments over the next six weeks.


A user-friendly website will help attract loyal customers to your brand. A simple checkout process can make your customer’s shopping experience smooth and hassle-free.

The most important payment processing tip for clothing stores is to introduce different payment methods. This will allow people with different payment preferences and restrictions to buy from your brand.

In short, your checkout page should have various options and be compatible with different desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

Enjoy increased sales by following these simple tips!

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