Peachay Bucks Current Fashion Trends and Exclusively Caters to One Body Type

Peachay is an Australian denim brand that bucks current fashion trends that champion inclusivity for all shapes and sizes, and instead caters exclusively to women with a specific body type: the hourglass figure.

Rather than opting for a one-size-fits-all approach, Peachay made the somewhat controversial decision to only cater to one form. Peachay creates denim exclusively for women with hourglass body shapes and has been dubbed the “most flattering ever” for women with a smaller waist and juicier hips, butt and thighs.

While Peachay believes all women should have somewhere to turn when it comes to finding clothes that fit their body, Peachay founder Isabella Sen saw an obvious gap in the denim market on measure.

Peachay was created in 2018 when founder Isabella Sen put on pants and the seam in the middle of her buttocks. Having a small waist, bigger buttocks and thighs meant that denim shopping was a nightmare for Bella and this scenario sparked an idea. Bella felt there was no brand to turn to when it came to jeans that suited her body type, so she decided to make her own. Hence, Peachay was born.

“When women don’t ‘fit’ into ‘standard size’ clothes, they believe there must be something wrong with their figure – when in fact it is the opposite. They’re likely buying from stores where a brand has used a cookie-cutter approach to making clothes (which often use outdated size measurements). This then means that the clothes just don’t fit you if you don’t have a straight body from top to bottom.

“I firmly believe that there is no one size fits all when it comes to fashion and while I would love to be able to cater to the wide range of different body shapes, it is not possible to be able to. to offer a good range of options for women with an hourglass shape if I try to cater to everyone, however I hope that new brands will be created to serve other body types, explains the founder of 26 years, Isabella Sen.

Peachay has since gone viral on social media for solving a common denim problem (jeans that really fit). The brand has also opted for a modern take on the ‘outdated’ size chart and rather than labeling jeans in traditional sizing, Peachay is calling on women to ‘find their flower’. When you shop at Peachay, you won’t find sizes like “small” or “large”, but rather a “flower”. Peachay’s Progressive Size Chart finds a woman’s fit based on her measurements (with each shape represented by flowers). Women just need to measure their body and find the flower that matches.

Peachay recommends shopping on her website guided by choosing a flower that matches a woman’s body measurement. Each pair of jeans, denim shorts or denim skirts, starting at just $179.95, offers particularly flattering fits for those with smaller waists and thicker thighs. The denim capsule offer comes in three different washes: dark denim, light denim and black.

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