People just realized what the dots on clothing labels actually mean


People barely realize what the little dots on their clothing labels mean — and it turns out you’re not supposed to iron all your clothes the same way. Who knew?

After noticing the little symbol on his clothes during laundry day, one guy started digging, and when he figured out what they meant, he took to TikTok to spread the word.

Let’s see if you already know:

So, yeah, some of the symbols we’ve seen on our clothing labels are pretty self-explanatory. The icon of a basin of water with the number 30 means that you should put the clothes in a cold wash at 30°C, the triangle crossed out with an “X” means avoid bleach at all costs , and the symbol that looks like an iron means, well , you can iron it.

But have you noticed that the iron symbols on your clothing labels come with one, two or three dots?

When Jake Murphy (@jakemurphy67) did, he connected directly to let his followers know what they were missing.

He told viewers, “I just found out that the iron symbol on every garment tag has dots so you can set your iron to the exact setting for the perfect, smooth ironing experience.”

Those two little dots on the iron symbol mean something, you know. Credit: Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

And that’s true. According to Ariel’s website: “An iron with dots inside representing the maximum temperature you should use to iron the garment.”

A single dot means you should cold iron your garment at a maximum temperature of 110°C, while two dots mean a maximum of 150°C. And, finally, three dots mean that you must iron at a maximum temperature of 200°C.

While some people were blown away by this revelation, other viewers couldn’t believe people had gotten this far without this information.

“I just put everything back on the same setting,” one TikToker confessed.

“I put it on the highest setting and praying for the best,” a second added.

And a third admitted: “I literally just put it on the highest settings omg.”

The more you know, huh?  Credit: Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo
The more you know, huh? Credit: Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Meanwhile, a horrified viewer, who couldn’t believe it wasn’t common knowledge, wrote, “Yeah. We learned the meaning of all those labels in elementary school.”

Another equally disappointed TikTok user commented, “Real people don’t know that!?? Y’all think you can iron cotton and silk at the same temperature??? Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.”

And a third viewer added: “My mum told me this when I was a kid? I don’t understand why life skills aren’t passed on.”

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