Pixelated Clothing at PFW ’23 Displays Metaverse Fashion


Models trailed around a huge model of an anthurium plant growing on the faded white floor boards during the Loewe fashion show at Paris Fashion Week PFW ’23 this weekend. The rooms are so similar to Minecraft that it takes your brain a second to adjust to what you see.

However, this overflow of physical representations of digital clothing into PFW is occurring as fashion companies seek to expand their presence in the metaverse and bring new intangible items to customers.

Fashion brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada and many more have infiltrated the metaverse by collaborating with online companies that invest heavily in the Web3. Roblox players can visit a virtual site called Gucci Town and purchase Gucci clothing for their avatars. Fortnite has partnered with labels such as Balenciaga on limited-edition in-game skins, followed by genuine Fortnite shirts and baseball caps.



However, when the Loewe screen seeks to address these issues through the meticulous placement of glitches, it is the physical representation that is most stunning and demanding. No one is curious what the Minecraft-inspired sweatshirt would look like in the Metaverse. Instead, we’d like to know more about the process used to bring it to life, allowing it to cling to the figure as authentically as anything else.

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