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Prom planning often ends with an unforgettable night. Part of the prom planning equation includes fashion discovery. Those who choose to don suits get off relatively easily, opting for classic jackets and pants or tuxedos, sometimes adding a bit of color by way of a bold shirt or tie. Teens who wear dresses to prom tend to have more options to consider, and that can make it hard to pick a favorite.

Studying the latest style trends can make it easier to find the best options for prom attire. Here are some trends that should be popular this year.


A slew of popular historical dramas on TV streaming services make it a hot and hot trend. From “Outlander” to “Bridgerton” to “The Crown”, viewers are impressed by the fashion of these series. Walkers can borrow elements of historic fashion, including lavish and romantic looks. Many satin and corset tops can be seen in this year’s styles.


Teenagers interested in injecting a free-spirited personality into prom looks can lean heavily on bohemian styles. Boho is all about natural textures, beads, tassels and embroidery. Boho dresses can be unique. When they include eyelet lace, these dresses can even create a retro 1970s feel. Long, flowing waves or braided pieces in the hair can enhance the overall look.


You only have to go to the mall to see that the 1990s are back with a vengeance. While ripped jeans and flannel shirts are the norm for everyday wear, one can also borrow elements from the 1990s for their prom night style. Velvet dresses or spaghetti strap dresses can replicate 1990s looks. This 1990s minimalism ushered in a stark contrast to the poofy, tousled styles of a decade earlier. Pair looks with a choker necklace and a face-framing bun.


One way to be trendy but also thrifty is to borrow a dress from a bygone era. The teens went back to doing old new by wearing their own party clothes to prom. Anything goes, and that can mean styles from all previous eras, but above all sophisticated and timeless dresses.

Fit and Style

Those who want to rock their curves and show off their figures can opt for fitted bodices and full skirts. Mermaid dresses hug the body throughout the bust, waist, and hips, and flare out minimally at the knees or calves for maximum impact.

Whatever style they choose, promgoers should have their dresses tailored for the perfect fit and checked to make sure the dresses are comfortable when dancing and moving around.

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