Poundland to expand PEP&CO clothing range as part of Diamond store refurbishment


Poundland, the versatile value store has plans to accelerate “Project Diamond” which brings expanded ranges including PEP&CO clothing, between 275 and 300 stores.

The ‘Diamond’ stores will house ‘Britain’s best value meal deal’ at £2.50, but will also house fresh and frozen food and PEP&CO clothing and home.

PEP&CO clothing ranges from children’s clothing to women’s and men’s clothing, with pieces available for just £4.

Over 350 stores across the UK have already undergone Project Diamond makeovers over the past three years. The extensive overhaul aims to update all Poudland UK sites by the end of September 2023, showing the company’s commitment and dedication to helping customers with the cost of living. Measures have been in place since June to increase the number of items available at its iconic price of £1.

Tim Bettley, Chief Commercial Officer of Poundland, commented: “Our ambition is to deliver more value in more places by opening new relocations and expanding new stores and accelerating the rollout of Project Diamond so customers can finding more of what they need close to home… We’re working hard to expand our ranges into new categories such as fresh and frozen food and clothing and to continuously select items that offer customers good value value for money when they need it most.

By offering a range of health, beauty, groceries, clothing, etc., customers can buy all their essentials under one roof, making the discount store one of the major competitors to traditional supermarkets. .

Diamond processing will be rolled out to more customers in England, Scotland and Wales as part of the latest phase of the Diamond project. This follows an announcement in August to open, relocate or expand up to 25 new stores by the end of this year.

Poundland plans to unveil further “ambitious store opening plans” for 2023 in the coming months.

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