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After being surrounded by an endless sea of ​​blue and white hoodies and sweatpants all year, it’s kind of refreshing to take advantage of all the funky fashion choices THON has to offer.

Here are some of the most popular and interesting THON clothing trends I saw wearing while walking around the BJC this weekend.

Belt bags

Fanny packs seem to go in and out of style every couple of years, but luckily they are this year because I’ve always been on the pro-banana side.

Whether you wear it the “normal” way around your waist or the “cool kid” way over your shoulder, fanny packs are an indispensable tool during THON. They’ll store all your essentials – your phone, wallet, keys, glow sticks and your little water gun.

Cut shirts

The Bryce Jordan Center gets very hot during THON. With thousands of people jumping, dancing, and screaming, you’re bound to develop pit spots.

So to avoid overheating, many students show off their DIY skills by cutting off the sleeves and sides of their shirts – it keeps you cool, literally and figuratively.

grass tutus and skirts

THON is the only weekend of the school year where college-aged guys are finally ditching their weird flannel-over-hoodie-over-joggerpant combo.

During those glorious 46 hours, these men put aside their toxic sense of masculinity and absolutely wore a grass tutu or skirt, often paired with an equally loud patterned Hawaiian shirt, bandana and glasses. of Sun.

Badly worn masks

It may come as a surprise to some, but walking around wearing a mask under your nose, under your chin, or just hanging by the side of one of your ears is not the same as wearing a mask.

Listen, I understand. It is rather hot here. It’s sweaty. But the mask goes over your nose.

Transparent bags

PVC, but make it *fashion.*

If you want to enter THON with a bag, it must be clear, so that security can see its contents. I didn’t have time to buy one, so I just carried my laptop and notepad with me in my hands like a real journalist.

I predict see-through bags will be a trend this spring after everyone was forced to buy one to bring their stuff to BJC.

Or at least I hope it becomes a trend – I’m nosy.


Many Daily Collegian staff wore blazers on their THON shifts this year, and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

I rolled into my shift in a black blazer feeling like I could take on the world, and I can’t imagine walking out without ever wearing a blazer.

I’ll be wearing blazers to my 9:00 class. I will wear blazers on my Tinder dates. I will be buried in a blazer. I’ve been awake for 10 p.m.


Standing for 46 hours straight has detrimental effects on the body – so every THON dancer is…

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