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Browsing through various social media platforms, they can come across many fashion influences. It can be hard to get rid of all the selfies, OOTDs, and try-ons. This week, Saints Style is going to do the work for you, combing through some of the most popular fashion trends and providing a quick analysis.

Knitted vests

These vests have been seen throughout the fall and winter season, but surprisingly hold up as warmer weather arrives. The knitted material cuts open, leaving an exposed arm that could survive when temperatures start to climb. Plus, it looks amazing, as seen in this photo of influencer Emma Chamberlain as she pairs it with a black tee underneath. It gives an elegant yet simple feel to any outfit it’s paired with.

(Photo: Emma Chamberlain, @emmachamberlain)


The next trend that can be seen is associated with more formal attire. Tights have popped up on social media left and right, and Ryan Destiny’s profile is no exception. The elegant addition can be placed under a dress or skirt and immediately enhance the look without distracting too much attention from the main pieces of the outfit. In this case, the tights provide a darker canvas for the lighter colored blazer to really shine.

(Photo: Ryan Destiny, @ryandestiny)


Keeping with the theme of formal attire, long and dramatic gloves are making a comeback. Gloves like the white ones worn by Sydney Sweeney are taking social media by storm. The elegant statement piece offers a unique and timeless feel to any dress. These resemble those worn by style icon Audrey Hepburn when she was working on the film, Breakfast with Tiffany’s. They can be seen in all types of colors and fabrics. One of the most fascinating being the black sheer gloves that put a different spin on the classic accessory.

(Photo: Sydney Sweeney, @sydney_sweeney)

Bright colors (in outfits and also translated into home decoration)

With influencers like Victoria Paris, we can see the rise of increasingly popular colorful ensembles. For so long people have gravitated towards more neutral tones, and while these are also essential, bright colors are making a comeback. Vibrant greens, pinks, oranges and blues can be seen on platforms such as Instagram. Victoria Paris is not one to be afraid of color and it even shows in the decor she uses for her apartment in New York. Color combinations that would be considered overwhelming about 5 years ago are now likely to be duplicated in many cases. All we know is that bright colors are here to stay.

(Photo: VictoriaParis, @victoriaparis)

Graphic Tees

A fun trend that’s coming back for spring and summer is graphic tees! Specifically, baby graphic t-shirts. Expressing yourself through your style is something influencer Devon Lee Carlson imitates in all of her looks. In this photo, she’s wearing a very Y2K-inspired t-shirt with low-rise jeans. The jumpsuit is the perfect blend of comfort and style. Another example of this trend can be seen in Olivia Rodrigo’s latest post. The singer is pictured at Disneyland wearing a ‘Fairy Tales’ t-shirt and ‘I Love Fantasy’ trucker hat. Playing with colors and fun quotes can be a great way to add more personality to your everyday looks!

(Photo: Devon Lee Carlson, @devonleecarlson & Olivia Rodrigo, @oliviarodrigo)

Miniskirts and low rise pants

Another big theme coming back for spring is mini skirts and low rise pants! As the weather begins to warm up, having a comfortable pair of jeans or an easy-to-wear skirt for any occasion is essential. In the first image, Emma Chamberlain is pictured wearing a bright yellow mini skirt on a recent vacation. The skirt is paired with a blue long sleeve that ties this colorful look together! Also pictured in a miniskirt is Devon Lee Carlson. She’s definitely dressed for warmer weather, pairing the skirt with high boots, a turtleneck and a long coat.

(Photo: Devon Lee Carlson, @devonleecarlson & Emma Chamberlain, @emmachamberlain)

All in all, we’re so excited to see what’s in store for spring and summer! Social media is a great tool for finding upcoming trends and new styles. We hope our analysis of upcoming trends can help you find your spring wardrobe and make it easier to sort through all the fashion info you find online!

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