Shop 7 fashion trends straight from the streets of New York

In theory, trends start on the tracks and then slowly spread to the masses. However, with social media and celebrity culture, this outdated trajectory no longer applies. Trends can start anywhere, and in fact often reverse this theorem, as streetwear exerts its influence on the runway. So, what better place to investigate rising trends than the New York fashion hub? We decided to consult the experts: two New York-based street style photographers, Liisa Jokinen from @nyc_looks and Johnny Cirillo from @watchingnewyork, to know what trends they have spotted in real time.

Most of the trends reported are pairs and items that subvert the “rules” of traditional fashion. From wearing vests or bras as trendy genderless tops to wearing high-heeled sweatpants, all sartorial bets are on. “The old accolades are no longer valid,” Jokinen says. “Men’s clothing versus women’s clothing, work clothing versus leisure clothing, private clothing versus public clothing. We no longer need to dress for work as often as we used to, and you can wear your pajamas in broad daylight if you like. Not to mention that, as more and more of us turn to second-hand clothing, we are no longer limited to buying options for the current season. Keep scrolling for the uninhibited and unrestricted ways of dressing New Yorkers.

“We’ve been wearing comfortable clothes for over a year now, and I don’t think we’re going to give up on that. BUT those comfy items, like sweatpants, will be mixed with more dressy and contrasting items, like high heels. , bike shorts worn with cowboy boots or other heeled boots, or boys wear more skirts and dress for comfort. Many people predicted that once the pandemic was over, we would ditch the sweatpants and dress again with gaudy statement elements. As the transition from confinement to so-called normalcy is gradual, there will be no dramatic and sudden change from total comfort to the contrary. Instead, summer will be an interesting mix of styles. “-Liisa jokinen

“I’m going to say that the comfy sweatpants that were popular in their forties have turned into really comfy wide-legged baggy pants for both men and women.” –Johnny cirillo

“Loose vests, vintage grandma’s square vests and suit vests all worn without any layers underneath. Tighter vests look fun with baggy or bootcut jeans – a perfect look for the Y2K. And looser sweaters are combined with mini skirts – another fun trend this summer! ” –Liisa jokinen

Swimwear and bras as tops

“The world has realized the importance of comfort, and women wear swimsuits and bras as tops, and so much the better for them!” –Johnny cirillo

“These will be the official shoes for summer 2021. They combine the comfort trend with the provocative, rebellious character of street style, bringing back pieces that were once condemned ugly and out of fashion.” –Liisa jokinen

“Another huge one that I thought of was the cutout – holes of different shapes and sizes in the crop tops. “-Johnny cirillo

“We’ll see all kinds of styles, decades and items mixed together in part because more and more people are wearing vintage and second-hand clothing. When choosing the occasion, you get to choose from all possible styles instead of the handful of trends that fashion has to offer. This is also partly because the old distinctions are no longer valid: menswear versus women’s clothing, work clothing versus leisure clothing, private clothing versus public clothing. Fashion is genderless. We don’t need to dress for work as often as before, and you can wear your pajamas in broad daylight if you like. “-Liisa jokinen

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