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Skin care is essential in the summer and should also be kept to a minimum so as not to weigh down the skin. With the arrival of summer, the heat waves making their way through the country and the temperature rising to fifty degrees, it has become increasingly important to take care of your skin and not to leave it be affected by outside heat. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Dr. Chytra V Anand, founder of Kosmoderma Clinics, shared some skincare tips and tricks that should be practiced in summer in order to beat the heat in style. Take a look at the skincare tips below:

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Repair the skin from within: “People often forget that repairing the skin from within will ensure radiant, youthful and healthy looking skin. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and reduce your intake of caffeine, alcohol, and soft drinks which can dehydrate you. It is also important to eat foods like tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and oranges which are high in water and high in antioxidants as they keep you hydrated,” said Dr Chytra V Anand.

less is more: Less is more is a skincare strategy that should be practiced in the summer, said the dermat. She further pointed out that using sunscreen and a gel-based moisturizer to avoid weighing your skin down, and investing in a soothing Hydra facial or other soothing facial will help. the skin to glow. “These will help you with everything from dehydration to discoloration, aging, acne or uneven skin tone,” the doctor said.

Stay indoors: The best way to beat the heat is to avoid going out in the sun as much as possible. This will help us avoid harmful UV rays from the sun. “Whenever you are outside in the sun or even near a window, you are exposed to sunlight/ultraviolet radiation which can affect your skin, even if you are not prone to sunburn. In addition to sunscreen, wearing protective clothing with SPF, taking antioxidants by mouth, and strengthening the skin barrier with ceramide-based creams are helpful tips, shared by dermat.

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