Spring 2022 fashion trends: 14 summer looks and how to wear them

Is anyone else ready to put the coats away and find our favorite spring fashion pieces?

If you’re like us, you might have taken a deep breath this morning (maybe shortly after the first back-to-work alarm went off) and decided that January actually wasn’t for you. The rest of the winter either, by the way. If anyone has the button to go spring, please press it …

After spending two summers – the most recent of which has spoiled us, UK residents, with a four days sunshine – in various nationally locked states, it’s no exaggeration to say we all owe a damn good one this year.

Granted, we’re a little wary of any restrictions that might be in place, but if Spring / Summer 2022 Fashion Weeks are to go, it seems like a surge.

Of course, strictly speaking, winter is not so wrong. With permission – albeit tentative – to socialize again, our post-containment wardrobes have been confronted with a host of AW21 trends that prove to be much more tempting than our recent sweat uniform and make these occasional forays into society. all the more fun.

13 winter fashion trends for you Actually want to wear this season

From mega knits that transform into wrap-around duvets on colder days to Meghan Markle’s favorite ‘solo saturation’, if there’s anything to make this season more appealing, it’s undoubtedly the guard updates. – dress that she encourages.

But let’s be honest, there are few things that beat a truly carefree summer wardrobe – and the SS22 looks a lot lighter, nostalgic, and festive than anything we’ve seen in quite some time.

Elleme, spring / summer 2022

We’re talking ULTRA mini minis, super sheer fabrics, outerwear like underwear, 90s neon lights, 2000s low waists and, yes, Following cutouts …

Ready to skip winter and plan your spring wardrobe?

Scroll down for 14 SS22 trends we’re all going to fall for next season …

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