Spring 2022 fashion trends according to stylists

  • Stylists shared the fashion trends that are hitting the catwalks and social media this spring.
  • Chunky platform shoes, monochromatic two-piece sets and tie-dye are always in style this season.
  • Despite the popularity of midi skirts and dresses, shorter hemlines are in fashion.

Fashion is a cycle, and a new season always brings new styles and trends to runways and social media feeds.

So Insider spoke to pro stylists about the top trends we’ll see everywhere in Spring 2022, from cropped hemlines to the return of some retro classics.

Pearls are a trendy accessory this spring

Stylist Kimberly Mayhew, American managing director of the style consultancy color housetold Insider that pearls will be a major trend this spring.

“Beads are growing in popularity with both men and women,” Mayhew said. “You can expect to see pearls on accessories like handbags, hair clips, and even sneakers.”

Mayhew added that colored varieties, especially black pearls, can have a more masculine feel than traditional white ones.

Platform shoes are in this season

lime green platform boots with dark green long pants

Platform shoes look great with wide pants.

Creative Lab/Shutterstock

Chunky platform shoes have been trending for several years and aren’t fading anytime soon, according to Mayhew.

“Platform shoes remain hot on the Spring 2022 catwalk,” Mayhew said. “They elongate the legs and add height, especially for a nighttime look.”

Pair your platforms with long, wide-leg pants for a throwback look, or show them off with a cropped style.

Bright colors dominate the catwalks

Stylist Monica Barnett, founder of Master plan for styletold Insider that designers are flooding runways with bright, vibrant colors this spring.

“The color palettes were muted last spring, but this year everything has color that pops,” Barnett said. “We mostly see a lot of deep oranges.”

Go for bright colors with a neon swimsuit or accessories in eye-catching hues.

Monochrome sets are always in

Monochromatic outfits aren’t going anywhere this spring. Mayhew said wearing one color from head to toe will be one of the main looks this season.

Mayhew said monochromatic sets, two-piece sets made from the same fabric, will be particularly fashionable.

“Done well, this minimalist trend can look luxurious,” she said.

Mayhew added that the key to making this style work for everyday looks is to keep the silhouette simple or opt for timeless staples that match.

Get ready for gingham and checks

A girl with her back to the camera wearing an open back blue gingham shirt

Gingham is a versatile pattern.


personal stylist Jackie Condura told Insider that trendsetters are turning to checks, ginghams and checks.

“These are classic, timeless patterns that take advantage of the huge popularity of the checkerboard trend,” Condura said.

For a fresh and youthful look, Condura suggested donning a gingham garment in light, spring colors.

print mix received a style nod

Mixing prints has often been seen as a style faux pas, but Barnett told Insider that Spring 2022 will be all about layering fun patterns.

“The solid, conservative, muted colors of last year will be supplanted by bold, mixed prints this season,” Barnett said. “The old rules for wearing prints are gone – it’s almost a free game.”

If you’re not ready to pile on the prints, try pairing a vibrant patterned top with a boldly textured bottom.

It’s time for shorter dresses and skirts to have a moment

Although midi skirts and dresses have dominated the catwalks for several years, shorter hemlines are now in vogue.

“The fashion world is now seeing a shift towards shorter mini lengths on skirts and dresses,” Barnett said. “The shows show more skin than in previous years.”

Barnett called miniskirts and shorter pom-pom and skater dresses fashion favorites this season.

Crochet gets a makeover for spring

Two crochet tops, one yellow one red, on a white blanket

Colorful crochet is in fashion.

Lloyd Vas/Shutterstock

With its boho and vintage vibes, crochet is a spring and summer staple. This season, designers are giving the traditional style a vibrant twist.

“Designers have reinvented crochet for spring by infusing it with fun colors and patterns,” Condura says.

Expect elaborate crochet borders and vibrant, almost neon-colored pieces.

Pedal pushers are back in fashion

Pedal pushers are mid-length pants that were popular in the 1950s and 1960s. They are slightly shorter than capris, typically landing mid or upper calf.

“Yes, the pedal pushers are back,” Condura said. “They get an upgrade with a more relaxed and comfortable fit this time around.”

Unlike their retro predecessors, this year’s pedal pushers can be found in less fitted, wide-legged silhouettes.

The tie-dye trend is still going strong

Fashion has been in a nostalgic mood for a few seasons, and tie-dye isn’t going anywhere.

“The modern take on tie-dye this season will feature shaded, saturated colors and psychedelic patterns,” Condura said.

Swimsuits and sundresses are the perfect vehicles for tie-dye, though you can expect to see it everywhere from sportswear to blazers.

Halter necklines will be popular this spring

someone wearing a purple halter and taking a picture with a camera

Halter tops show off your shoulders and arms.

Ryuichi Sato/Getty Images

Condura told Insider that this season will bring backless necklines on jumpsuits, dresses and more.

“This neckline is great for showing off your shoulders and arms,” ​​she said. “It also draws the eye upward and helps create balance and proportion.”

Halter tops and dresses usually leave the shoulder blades uncovered, so this style is also perfect for showing off your back.

Expect to see plenty of Veri Peri

Pantone’s color of the year 2022 is Veri Peri, a blue hue with hints of violet and periwinkle.

“We’ll see a lot of that color,” Condura said. “It’s going to be part of every trend this season, so adding it to your wardrobe is a must.”

Add a touch of Veri Peri to your wardrobe with hair accessories or scarves, or opt for tops and dresses. You can even dye your hair with a cool tone.

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