Spring fashion trends arrive as SHU students prepare for warmer weather

As winter draws to a close, students are ditching their warmer clothes and sharing their favorite clothing trends for the spring season.

Joachim Mikel, a second-year political science student, said some of his favorite clothes were made by designer Rick Owens.

“As warmer seasons approach, some baggy shorts create an industrial look for a Rick Owens piece,” Mikel said.

Photo by Jillian Cancela

Mikel said he buys a lot of his essentials, such as pants, accessories, polo shirts and loungewear from Lacoste, but also likes to add band t-shirts to any outfit.

“I’m also a huge music fan and I love wearing my favorite album t-shirts,” Mikel said. “I prefer wearing my favorite black metal album covers because they match my dark clothing palette and are more intense and visceral overall.”

According to Who What to Wear, the lime green color is trending this season with different clothes and accessories that make a splash with this color. Neyha Ramani, a first-year nursing student, said she recently bought a yellow, gray and green patchwork top and wears it everywhere.

“I think the yellow and green colors are perfect to represent the spring season,” Ramani said.

Transparent garments are also a must this season due to the comfortable and airy fabric for the increase in temperature, according to Who What to Wear. Bella Rosario, a first-year physical therapy student, said she loves sheer tops in hot weather.

“It’s a perfect material for keeping cool in the spring,” Rosario said.

Along with other trendy clothes, maxi dresses are in high demand this spring. Basic maxi dresses are trending because of their lightweight fabric and the fact that they’re an easy-to-wear outfit, according to Who What to Wear.

When shopping for clothes and accessories, students said they tended to buy from trendy clothing stores. Popular stores for college-aged students include H&M, Urban Outfitters and Free People, according to Good Housekeeping. H&M sells a variety of pieces, including hoodies, t-shirts, skirts and pants. Urban Outfitters offers a “well-curated mix of fashionable women’s and men’s clothing, and a handpicked collection of vintage clothing,” according to its website. Meanwhile, Free People caters to women by “providing bohemian fashion that features the latest trends and vintage collections for women who live freely through fashion, art, music and travel,” according to its website.

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Fashion prices vary from expensive to affordable for accessories and clothing. According to College fashionsome affordable stores include Target, Shein, Francesca’s, Etsy, and Zara.

Rosario said the prices of the clothes she buys usually range from $5 to $40 per piece.

“I really don’t like to spend more than $40 on an item of clothing, unless it’s shoes. I’d rather invest in these,” Rosario said.

Shoes are another aspect of spring fashion with many different styles. Knee-high boots and basic trainers are all the rage this season, according to Who What to Wear. Boots are popular with or without heels, and all sneakers, from canvas, color blocking, to high tops are popular this season.

“At the end of the day, I view clothing as a lifestyle, so I have no problem standing up for and embracing my clothing choices,” Mikel said.

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