Spring / summer 2021 fashion trends: key pieces, accessories and colors

What are the fashion trends for spring / summer 2021? What are we going to wear? What are the best parts and accessories to invest in? Never scared. Vogue has compiled a list of seasonal essentials.

What are the spring / summer 2021 fashion trends?

On the podiums, staged physically or digitally, the Spring / Summer 2021 the collections were focused on the essentials, offering solutions to the current global situation. From this was born a more “human”, less extravagant fashion, anchored in the desire to help the planet while continuing to dream. First on our list? Clothing with 90s influences including low rise jeans, as well as nautical details, which echo our dreams of escape. Other trends include a breath of 1970s air and a new college wardrobe. Here are our thoughts:

What are the key pieces for spring / summer 2021?

The options are multiple, between the trends already displayed by influencers at fashion events and professional fashion research … We are here to help you decide.

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For summer 2021, long dresses are in fashion, available in a maxi (and sustainable) version. Opt for bohemian or baby doll style dresses, and even the famous smocked dress for a touch of nostalgia.

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