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In 2018, Nick Jones ’23 and his friends were having a long day jumping in the Virginia summer sun when they discovered they were near Falling Springs Falls. Locals refer to the waterfall by its nickname, “Trouvaille,” which translates to “lucky find” in French.

Jones, who was fascinated by the name, wrote it down. The friends traveled to the scene, finding stunning views of the vast flowing waterfall.

Two years later, while visiting Vail, Colorado, Jones revisited the number note with the French word and spontaneously combined it with the name of the town he was visiting to form the word Trovail.

This was the start of Jones’ clothing brand, Trovail Worldwide.

“I thought of it as a find, a lucky moment that I wanted to cherish, and then I just said the word after that,” Jones said. “It was crazy unexpected. That’s kind of the point, you know?

Jones, a political science student from Baltimore, Maryland who hopes to attend law school after graduation, created the clothing brand inspired by his travels and his passion for art and original clothing.

The now lucrative business started small. Jones started by printing t-shirts with a printing press that his father, Damon Jones, used for his clothing design company, Agape Designs. Nick Jones quickly assembled a team of five before regrouping to just two who saw things congruently: himself and his childhood friend Griffin McAdams, an aspiring tattoo artist who creates designs for clothing based on Jones’ ideas.

“When I come up with a design or he comes up with a design, neither of us says, ‘No, that won’t work,'” McAdams said. “It’s more of a, ‘How can we make this work?’ and then it’s like a puzzle that we both individually have our own pieces that we put together.

Jones said Trovail began to thrive after downsizing his team, and it taught him that it’s better to trust his intuition instead of doing what a brand owner is supposed to do.

Since opening his online store in October 2020, Jones has released several styles of beanies, t-shirts, hoodies and shorts, all of which feature mental health quotes and original designs that McAdams creates in the world. graphic design application Procreate. The clothes are popular among Jones’s friends and students at St. Joe’s, but Jones also ships orders domestically and internationally.

“It makes me more than happy,” Jones said. “It’s hard to explain when you see someone else wearing [our items]especially someone I don’t know very well.

The brand’s most popular item to date, according to Jones, is a pair of track shorts featuring the Trovail logo on the left leg and a mountain graphic on the other. A quote on the back pocket reads: “Wherever you are, everyone be there. In 2021, 45 pairs sold out in 20 minutes.

McAdam’s favorite design features the face of Michelangelo’s David sculpture, made up of red, curved lines similar to those seen in a fingerprint. Designed over a year ago, the duo decided to put it on the back of Trovail’s latest hoodie. The black hoodie also features Jones’ little brother’s handprint in red on the front right chest, the ‘be yourself’ quote on the left and a curved line pattern down the left sleeve.

Jones compared the intricacy of these newer designs to his first drop, which was a simple gray sweatshirt with the Trovail logo on the front that he says took him about “five seconds” to make.

“I’m looking at the new drop right now and it’s like you can’t even imagine how far I’ve come,” Jones said.

Joe Pettinato ’22, friend and supporter of Jones, advocates buying local from friends and said he appreciates the significance of the brand. On her recent spring break trip to Cancun, Pettinato made sure to pack her favorite Trovail t-shirts.

“[Jones] told me the meaning of Trovail, and he described it as a point where opportunity meets happiness,” Pettinato said. “I think the brand model is so cool. Whenever I try to be in a good mood, I put my Trovail. I associate it with good times.

Recently, Jones received additional exposure when Taylor Heinicke, the quarterback for the NFL’s Washington Commanders, posted a photo on Instagram wearing a Trovail t-shirt.

Jones and his friends had DMed Heinicke asking him to make a video for their friend who had prostate cancer, and Heinicke came along. As a thank you, one of the friends sent the quarterback a Trovail t-shirt unbeknownst to Jones. A year later, in the middle of a round of golf, Jones opened his phone to see Heinicke wearing the T-shirt with Jones’ page tagged in the message.

“I remember when I saw it, it was just pure joy,” Jones said. “It kind of gave me the feeling that I could make it somewhere.”

Heinicke now follows Jones on Instagram, and they keep in touch via DM regarding new Trovail releases.

But a moment like that was just the icing on the cake for Jones. He said the best feelings came from the support of his friends and the general public, and also proving to himself that he was capable of turning his vision into reality.

“It makes me so much happier as a person that I can do things like that, and honestly it keeps me really competitive and motivated,” Jones said. “Also, it’s really relieving because the mark can be eternal. I never need to end it for anything because I do it for myself.

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