Sustainable alternatives to fall fashion trends

The fashion industry has had a significant impact on our environment, but more and more people are opting for online shopping. Many of these sites also promote fast fashion.

Fast fashion is the phenomenon of producing clothes for the rapid influx of trends through rapid production at decreasing costs in the fashion industry resulting in waste. At the same time, as consumers, we are increasingly aware of our carbon footprint.

However, when you want to invest in new clothes, many brands implement ethical practices and use recycled natural materials. Here are some examples of sustainable alternatives to the hottest trends of the season, making you both feel good and do good.

Down jackets

These comfy coats are here to stay. Made with 100% recycled post-consumer plastic water bottles, the cropped puffer jacket from Collective girlfriend can keep you warm during winter months.

Living room sets

Looking for an athleisure ensemble with a tie-dye print or a pop of color? Look no further than Back Beat Co. The California lifestyle brand uses low impact fibers, which means they are either sustainably grown or recycled.

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Pliers, claws and barrettes galore

The resurrection of these ’90s hair accessory trends is alive and well and can be seen on campus. Located in Atlanta, MACHETE is an eco-conscious jewelry and accessories company. Made from recycled brass and ethically sourced gold and silver, the 90s-inspired, handmade MACHETE claw clips come in all shapes and sizes.

Loose denim jeans

With denim, consumers want something that will last. This is why I suggest giving Levi’s second hand a glance. Ranging from light washes to dark washes, Levi’s SecondHand keeps denim pieces in circulation, giving your jeans a ‘lived in’ feel every time you put them on.


These can so easily be dressy or casual. Specifically, chunky moccasins are one of the main trends in fall and winter footwear. Alohas offers moccasins in a variety of colors made from eco-friendly materials like sustainable vegan leather.

Shoulder bags

For a sporty fanny pack to go, take a look at Baggu and Everlan. The Baggu and Everlane bags are both made with 100% recycled materials. If you are looking for a less sporty atmosphere, Pixie mood 100% vegan leather fanny pack can be the choice for you.

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Powerful pants

From pops of color to geometric patterns, these pants are daring. Reformation and Known supply have organic cotton printed pants that are sure to make a statement.

Occasional runners

Since 2005, Véja is committed to making sneakers with a positive impact at every step of the production process. The retro sneakers of the French shoe brand are made with raw materials from organic and ecological agriculture, without chemicals or polluting processes.

Jackets shirts

Also known as ‘shackets’, these slightly oversized button-down jackets, inspired by men’s clothing, can be used as a shirt. Madewell has partnered with the Better Cotton initiative to help improve cotton cultivation around the world.

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