The global love for K-pop and K-drama seems to be at its highest level in India. Young people are especially interested in Korean culture, which is reflected in everything from their OTT listings to music, snack choices and fashion. Korean fashion is quickly becoming a fashion statement globally. This loveRead More →

Spring is coming, bringing warmer weather and new fashion trends in its wake. Fashion forecasters from SWATCH Magazine, Auburn’s fashion and design magazine created by Apparel Merchandising and Design Association students, are here to discuss the biggest trends for Spring 2022. Hannah Mains, second-year apparel merchandising and SWATCH media director,Read More →

If you are currently trying to get through the low outside temperatures, the spring 2022 fashion trends are there to distract you from the cold. As tends to be the case with warm weather fashion, a carefree lightness emanates from the new season’s designs suitable for life’s many moments andRead More →

With spring approaching, we predict the fashion trends you can expect to see *everywhere* once the warmer weather arrives. It’s time to swap the puffer jacket for cut-out dresses, micro-mini-skirts and layered sweaters. It was only recently that we said goodbye to the year that saw the rise and fallRead More →

Winter is not often considered the most fashionable season. It’s hard not to fall into the routine of wearing the same dark jeans and gray cashmere sweaters day after day outside of New Year’s and holiday outfits. But this year, we can’t wait to add some extra style to ourRead More →

Here’s a list of fashion trends that TikTok says are set to become a thing in 2022: balletcore, royalcore, regency, sleazy indie, soft grunge 2014, twee, russian babe“pre-apocalypse” and his cousin dystopiacore, new space age, circa 2006 Diesel, balaclavas, clowncore, Hyper Generation Z, bellhopcore, skirts over pants, The resurgence ofRead More →

Nostalgic for economic distress, Gen Z found solace in the 90s and early 2000s. They revived four subcultures: Y2K, indie sleaze, old money and twee. Nostalgic fashion is now shaping consumer behavior as brands and shoppers respond to Gen Z trends. Fashion trends may come and go, but their cyclesRead More →

Below is a list of the best men’s clothing in Fresno, California. To help you find the best men’s clothing located near you in Fresno, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of rating points. Fresno’s Best Men’s Clothing: The top rated Men’s Clothing in Fresno, CARead More →

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Insider spoke with stylists and designers about what they think the next big fashion trends will be. They said 2022 will bring more wide pants and loose denim to replace skinny jeans. Others pointed to the bright colors and durable clothing options that are on the rise. Loading Something isRead More →

Fashion trends came full circle in 2021. We started the year on lockdown thanks to Covid-19 restrictions, which continued to propel the loungewear boom of 2020. While restrictions on Stores, services, hospitality, and non-essential events started to ease from April, however, consumers flocked to celebrate with a second-hand clothing revival.Read More →

Bracelets have become quite fashionable recently, from chunky gold rings to rustic leather bands, bracelets are popping up everywhere and becoming very popular with younger generations. But why do men wear bracelets? Men’s style and fashion trends for 2022 – Presented by HARD NEW YORK Fashion accessories for everyone WhatRead More →

LOS ANGELES, December 18, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – A 20 october article on Daily Mail reports on the latest UK fall fashion trends. Emphasizing on nice and fun designs, today’s trend known as “revenge dress-up” – which refers to stuck-at-home ensembles inspired by last year’s 40s – uses brightRead More →

Cold (or not), who doesn’t love the idea of ​​having fun when it comes to fun sweaters, matching Christmas pajamas for the family, and more? Posted: Fri 17 Dec 2021, 03:04 We’ve all heard of the lousy sweater. No matter how cold (or not) the city is, we have aRead More →

Intuitive Lifestyle Company, Inc. is a company specializing in providing a great shopping experience. They want to make sure their customers are looking their best and have confidence in them. Intuitive Lifestyle Company, Inc. is a company specializing in providing a great shopping experience. They want to make sure theirRead More →

The red carpet has officially reopened for 2021, and the best dressed stars of the year it was worth the wait. Among the most memorable moments, our favorite celebrity fashion trends were surreal gold hardware, colorful ostrich feathers, leather opera gloves, celestial cap sleeves, and extreme cutouts – and weRead More →

After being locked indoors, lounging in basic sweat sets and pajama pants for the majority of 2020, the start of 2021 has given style trending designers, ‘it’ girls and gurus. of fashion the opportunity to express themselves in a more creative way through the dress. Naturally, new unseen fashion trendsRead More →

As the season changes and the temperature drops, winter brings cold weather and new fashion trends. Just because it’s colder doesn’t mean you have to hide behind heavy coats and dull colors. SWATCH, the official blog of the Auburn University Apparel Merchandising and Design Association, has provided its insights andRead More →

“Autumn is here and the flannel is in it.” As the temperature drops and the seasons change, Baldwin Wallace’s students switch to clothing appropriate for the current weather. Many students wear similar items and styles, setting fashion trends on campus. “I see a lot of jeans with a tight shirtRead More →

Source: Winter is just around the corner, so it’s time to stock your wardrobe with on-trend pieces for the coming cold. This winter, menswear is more exciting than ever, with unexpected colors, accessories and clothing making the must-have list for the man who appreciates style. From the return ofRead More →