Alyssa Wright, fashion designer, curator and owner of Rocky Vintage, works on a lace dress. Abra Richardson Sustainability has been at the forefront of consumer concerns as vintage fashion has seen a resurgence during the pandemic. The Chicago fashion world has seen a transformation from recycling fabrics from runways toRead More →

Here’s a list of fashion trends that TikTok says are set to become a thing in 2022: balletcore, royalcore, regency, sleazy indie, soft grunge 2014, twee, russian babe“pre-apocalypse” and his cousin dystopiacore, new space age, circa 2006 Diesel, balaclavas, clowncore, Hyper Generation Z, bellhopcore, skirts over pants, The resurgence ofRead More →

Last summer, I interned for a nonprofit fashion magazine that worked on small business integration in Indianapolis. I’m not a particularly trendy person. However, because of this brief job, I’m far too confident in thinking that I know what’s trending. There are a lot of current trends, mostly micro-trends –Read More →

“I think the tie-dye has had its day and should leave the room now. “Shoes mainly made of PVC: no one needs to see your feet sweat. “Clothes deliberately designed for small breasts. Those of us who pack heat understand why. Nakkiah Lui, actor and writer When Harper’s Bazaar magazineRead More →

The fashion industry has a huge impact on various aspects of our life including health, work and the planet. Vegan fashion has gained popularity in recent years as a way to reduce the industry’s environmental influence. Several ethical and sustainable clothing brands focus on producing performance, vegan / cruelty-free, sustainableRead More →

When you buy clothes for your children, you usually don’t think about their composition. But with more options and sellers available these days, do you really know what you’re getting? Advocates say purchasing cheap, fast fashion clothing from online retailers could expose your children to potentially toxic chemicals and otherRead More →

Graphic design students in the practice of sustainable design led by an educational advisor Carole Sogard, learn about the environmental impacts of design practices and the issues that arise during manufacture, consumption and disposal. They address societal challenges focused on sustainability by applying their creative skills to community projects. DecemberRead More →

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Black Friday 2021 offers are still going strong (and Cyber ​​Monday is just around the corner). So far, there have already been huge savings on things like 4K TVs, kitchen appliances, treadmills, and super soft bedding.Read More →

Wild Strings parts are made from used materials Pic: Wild Strings Preston designer Eleanor Bradley is on a mission to inspire people to make more sustainable fashion choices. Advertising Eleanor is the owner of Wild Strings, a trendy clothing line that features unique pieces made from second-hand materials. She runsRead More →

Thrilling provides product photographers. Shilla Kim-Parker said her best product ideas came from “listening carefully and intensely” to her customers. The latest addition to Thrilling Inc., an online marketplace for vintage and second-hand clothing and accessories, is no exception.“Since the founding of Thrilling and connecting with store owners across theRead More →

The year 2000 and nostalgic fashion continue to reign among Generation Z. A new report from Google shows the top trending fashion searches of the year among the Generation, which the Pew Research Center says includes people born between 1997 and 2012. Among the top trending searches for “Gen ZRead More →

Fast fashion is a global epidemic that has plagued mainstream clothing for years. The term “fast fashion” refers to clothing retailers rapidly reproducing popular clothing and mass producing replicas of popular styles inexpensively. Brands are capitalizing on fashion trends and offering inexpensive clothing to meet growing consumer demand. Retailers areRead More →