The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea, is expanding its clothing offering


Parents who want to style their little ones in classic European style can now head to the Baby Cot Shop in Chelsea. London’s most luxurious and bespoke nursery furniture company has expanded its classic clothing collection to offer Laranjinha, the baby clothing brand known for its delicate and timeless style.

The Portuguese clothing company, established in 1981, produces quality baby clothes that mums are currently obsessed with as they are known for their comfort and practicality.

Most parents are environmentally conscious and prefer to shop responsibly to reduce landfill by purchasing quality clothing and childcare items that will be used and then passed on. The days of fast fashion for babies are over. said Toks Aruoture, founder of The Baby Cot Shop. “Today’s parents are looking to instill in their children an even greater responsibility when it comes to caring for the environment and we are very proud to play a vital role in making this a reality. The decision to expand our clothing offering came from an increased demand for timeless fashion that reflects the same high quality that our furniture carries.

The stylish collection features traditional patterns like tartan, florals and stripes. This allows parents to choose clothes that will always remain stylish while being practical. Laranjinha’s unique designs have passed through generations.

For years expectant parents have trusted The Baby Cot Shop to create memorable nursery rooms for their little one, and now they have darling toddler clothes too. The Baby Cot Shop produces its furniture in the EU and serves customers worldwide with designs ranging from London chic to opulent designs found in palaces.

The Baby Cot Shop is aimed at private customers who want a baby room or a special room for their little one, as well as interior designers looking to wow their customers with exclusive, bespoke baby room furniture. . An in-house bedroom design service is also offered for parents who are short on time and want a professional touch.

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Founded in 2012, The Baby Cot Shop helps new parents create unforgettable nursery rooms with beautifully designed nursery pieces. Known for its stylish and customizable furniture with original designs, The Baby Cot Shop allows new parents to create inspiring and unforgettable nursery rooms for their little ones while providing an exceptional and stress-free experience. The Baby Cot Shop believes that children are inspired by their surroundings and that space affects their overall development. The Baby Cot Shop look is sophisticated and timeless while fully adapting to parents’ preferred style. The flagship store and nursery design studio are located at 408 King’s Road, Chelsea, London.

Please visit the Balmoral collection page to view the new collection.

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