The best ’90s fashion trends in history to wear today


There’s a reason everyone still wears trends and fashions that come from the history of the 90s. From preppy, Dear Horowitz-esque checks to high waisted loose jeans, there are some pretty iconic looks from the decade that we always incorporate into our wardrobes. Of course, our modern approach means we try either reimagined silhouettes from designers who also draw inspiration from the 90s, or we spruce up our outfits in a 70s, 80s or 2000s hue for an aesthetic mixed bag.

That’s why we’re picking out 30 specific looks that sure have ’90s roots, but we’re breaking down the best methods for styling them right now. While that might mean buying a return item you don’t already own (athletic sneakers with a recognizable brand logo? Pedal pushers that extend lower than Bermuda shorts but aren’t as long as a capri? The perfect denim jacket to tie around your waist?), we’re sure you don’t mind putting together a new list of must-haves.

Coming up, see how stylish people around the world continue to proudly wear tie-dye, cargo ships, biker shorts, fanny packs, tiny sunglasses, platforms, tubular tops, tracksuits, jumpsuits and more, and don’t forget to keep their hacks in the back pocket of your overalls.

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