The best menswear trends of 2021 are looks anyone can rock

Discovering new trends is my favorite way to make sure I’m always one step ahead of my other fashionista friends, and a great way to stand out is to borrow from the boys. Yes i’m talking from the top Men’s fashion trends 2021. No matter how you identify yourself, you can totally rock them. While fashion month may divide the collections into “womenswear” and “menswear”, the clothes are genderless and you should always feel comfortable wearing what you like.

That said, there are tons of 2021 men’s trends that I have plans to style this season, so I’m sharing the best looks below. Why designers have really stepped up their men’s clothing fall and winter 2021? Let’s all applaud Prada and Fendi, as they featured two of my favorite shows of the season, inspiring some of the key trends on this list.

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When it comes to outerwear, think everyday essentials like raised bombers, as well as standout personalities like colorful coats in every shade of the rainbow. Say goodbye to your basic black pea coat! If you like to stay neutral, at least go for monochrome, because tone-on-tone dressing is the order of the day.

Other Key trends Of note are the micro bags, phone cords and other unnecessary but super chic accessories, as well as the on-trend knits that send the retro swirls of summer in favor of a little more structure.

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I could go on and on, but I’d rather show you than tell you. Read on to discover the top five men’s clothing trends of 2021 that everyone (besides sex!) Must try.

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Private policy;  Fendi / iMaxTree.

Private policy; Fendi / iMaxTree.

Layers of tones

Monochrome clothing is all the rage in menswear, with Private Policy distributing a plethora of all-black cuts and Fendi trying on the trend in various shades of neutrals, plus a pop of head-to-toe yellow for good measure.

Courtesy of Princess Polly.

Courtesy of Princess Polly.

Katie Set in Beige

This trend is pretty easy to recreate using any color you choose, but of course buying a matching set makes creating your base a snap. Exhibit A? This beige knit set you can pair it with creamy boots and a similar color cardigan or coat.

Katie Set in Beige $ 69

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Prada;  Fendi / iMaxTree.

Prada; Fendi / iMaxTree.

Colored coats

Fendi and Prada have made it their business to show off outerwear with a little something extra, proving that the brighter the shade, the better the coat. Don’t be afraid of pinks, yellows and blues!

Courtesy of the Reformation.

Courtesy of the Reformation.

Lester Coat in Pink

If you want to channel the same vibes and go for a pale pink, this This is the jewel of the Reformation.

Lester Coat in Pink $ 348

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Giorgio Armani;  Prada / iMaxTree.

Giorgio Armani; Prada / iMaxTree.

Bombardier Boys

Giorgio Armani and Prada have said that bomber jackets are back and honestly, I love this look. It’s a perfect way to dress up an otherwise casual ensemble without breaking the bank for something you can’t wear a lot of wear.

Courtesy of LL Bean.

Courtesy of LL Bean.

3 season bomber jacket

Did LL Bean manage to create the perfect black jacket? You can dress this baby up and down all season long.

3 season bomber jacket $ 79

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Balmain;  Etro / iMaxTree.

Balmain; Etro / iMaxTree.

Practical dandy

Why carry everything in your hands or put everything in your pockets? According to Balmain and Etro, tech collar phone cases and thong style bags are the new mini accessories that men should totally make the most of.

Courtesy of House of Want.

Courtesy of House of Want.

Vegan Leather Phone Shoulder Bag

You can splurge or save when it comes to those little flat phone bags, but House of Want makes a great micro-crossbody option for less than $ 50.

Vegan Leather Phone Shoulder Bag $ 48

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Like boys ;  Missoni / iMaxTree.

Like boys ; Missoni / iMaxTree.

Knitting of the future

Geometric knits were all the rage at Missoni and Comme Des Garçons, so if the funky ’70s prints have gotten you sick of all summer, go for a slightly stiffer look. As a model only, of course! the sweaters themselves should always be thick and comfortable.

Courtesy of Pas de Mer.

Courtesy of Pas de Mer.

Crossword polo sweater

Consider a black and white sweater with a funky geometric print, the 2021 equivalent of a classic cream chunky knit. AKA, you can pair this baby with absolutely anything.

Pas De Mer Crossword Knit Polo Jumper $ 199

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