The evolution of Eleven’s clothes on Stranger Things

Since its first release on Netflix in 2016, stranger things The hold on nostalgic media has helped shape a throwback of vintage style revivals in recent years, particularly in fashion. Initially, Eleven’s pink dress, bloody nose, and angry facial expressions quickly cemented her status as one of pop culture’s favorite scary kids.

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However, the evolution of the character’s style emulates the related parts of growth. Because while battling a supernatural entity trying to consume your town isn’t exactly a normal rite of passage, having a buy mount absolutely is.

Hospital gown

An image of Eleven looking at a can of coca cola in Stranger Things

When viewers first see Eleven, her clothes represent the lack of identity. Between the lack of color, shape, design, and the associations made with hospital gowns that identify someone as dependent on others, viewers know Eleven doesn’t have the same socialization as the rest of the gang, which has already been introduced.

Continuing to establish Eleven as “the other” is her clean-shaven haircut. Set in the 80s, the stark contrast of El’s buzzy style goes against the hairstyles of the era. Her close cropping helps separate her visually when she’s near the rest of the cast.

Pink dress and windbreaker

An image of Eleven crying while wearing the pink dress and blonde wig in Stranger Things

Season 1’s signature pink dress and blonde wig more closely match the style of other character trends. El then identifies this outfit as “pretty” and “good”. Due to the positive association with the outfit, El views himself negatively once the emotional strain of his disguise sets in.

Once El begins to embrace her powers and use them to protect her friends, she finds a balance between her idea of ​​good and herself. This is where her pink dress, windbreaker, and cropped haircut come together to create the visual most often associated with the character and the show.

Hopper’s clothes

An image of Eleven using her powers in baggy clothes in Stranger Things

At the start of Season 2, El’s fashion is very much dictated by his surrogate father, Hopper. Most of the time, his clothes are very out of shape. Oversized and puffy, these outfits recall her first appearance. The soft colors help her disappear as she is isolated in the woods.

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This further reinforces her frustration at being kept hidden, forcing her to go back more to the person she was when she was first discovered. Even her attempt to join the boy’s Ghostbuster Halloween costume echoes those frustrations, as she promises no one will see her in a sheet ghost costume.

punk stage

After El runs away from Hopper and meets her “sister”, her style is influenced by the eldest’s gang of friends. The slicked-back hair, dark makeup, lots of bracelets, and dark colors are all aspects of the old gang’s influence on El. This new style allowed Eleven to have a rebellious phase, even though her new behavior seemed against his personality (like stranger things fans can attest to that).

Although the episode was not well received, fans loved seeing the character’s stylistic departure. More importantly, viewers saw El recognize that this version of herself was no more true to her identity than Hopper’s version and return home.

Snowball dress

An image of Eleven standing in a blue dress at the Snow Ball in Stranger Things

The snowball dance that closes season 2 is one of the fan favorite moments of stranger things, and this dress is one of them. It mixes Eleven’s identity with the people who helped her become the person she is becoming.

Her pinned-up hairdo, visible makeup, and bangles are reminiscent of her first attempt to find her identity outside of Hawkins, while the muted color scheme and slightly oversized fit of the dress more closely resembles what she wore with Hopper. The pretty and practical style establishes Eleven as part of the group.


An image of Max and Eleven shopping in Stranger Things

Season 3 of stranger things sees the development of Eleven and Max’s friendship. Eleven’s experience with female friendships had been lacking or tinged with jealousy so far. When Max and Eleven went to the mall for retail therapy, it was the first time Eleven had the chance to try things out on her own.

It’s also the first time she’s had someone back her up with no hidden agenda or threat of citywide destruction. When Eleven chooses the romper, the dark-colored base makes the light pattern of the romper stand out even more, something Eleven feels she can do for the first time.

yellow shirt

An image of Eleven sitting in front of a fridge in Stranger Things

Although the romper was the most popular of Eleven’s outfits, she spends the majority of the season’s major events wearing a bright yellow shirt with black geometric patterns, black pants, and suspenders.

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While this outfit looks more like El’s romper, it has its roots in her identity as Hopper’s carrier girl. Even when Hopper joins El at the Starcourt Mall to battle the Mind Flayer, he’s wearing a brighter shirt he bought for his date with Joyce – a clear sign of how El isn’t just influenced by those who surround her, but she in turn began to influence them.

Hopper flannel

An image of Eleven crying while wearing Hopper's shirt in Stranger Things

After El loses her surrogate father, she shows her grief by reverting her style to things more similar to what she wore at the very start of the season. This includes wearing Hopper’s old flannel as she packs up to move to California with the Byers.

As she clings to the comfort of Hopper’s second-hand clothes, she ties them at the waist, interpreting her style with his as she comes into her own without her powers. She even wears the blue tie Hopper gave her as a bracelet as she leaves Hawkins behind.

Joyce Inspired Haircut

An image of Eleven standing with the band with her hair down in Stranger Things

Fans want to see El continue to grow and move away from her origins in the upcoming season 4, and early glimpses of Eleven hint that her style has been influenced by her surrogate mother-daughter relationship with Joyce. El has longer hair than she’s ever had on the show, and the cut is reminiscent of Joyce’s style.

Eleven’s fashion choices in the trailer also show that she’s stuck with “Hopper-esque” choices, favoring grunge comfort over shoulder-pad chic. You can take Hawkins’ daughter out, but not Hawkins out of the daughter.

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