The founder of a local clothing brand has a new purpose in life


Founder of local clothing brand, Mpho Maboea began his creative flair in the clothing and fashion industries following a near-death experience that left him severely injured and admitted to Leratong Hospital. .

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For the Protea Glen resident, it was this life-changing encounter that gave rise to the Ekse Focus range of clothing to showcase the gems of Kasi’s life’s untapped talent and creativity.

Maboea, also known as King, describes his journey as an “out of body” experience that redirected him for the better.

“When I woke up in hospital I was given a second chance and the first question I asked myself is what do I want to do with my life and I thought we’re going to create a hold of conscience, but I had no idea it would become a fully-fledged business,” the 25-year-old said.

Maboea shared that the brand name means a lot, citing that it aims to redirect and give a new perspective for empowerment and personal growth.

“My dad came up with the name and it stuck because it’s the story of my experience and a reminder for people to wake up and focus on their dreams.

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“It’s a brand with a purpose, but also a message for myself,” he explains.

“I know a lot of young people who, just like me, got into trouble because we were looking for fun times and ended up losing sight of what really mattered.”

A model wears Ekse Focus equipment

The company started in May 2021 and has cemented itself for its bright colors and trendy hoodies, t-shirts, pants, shoes and has now ventured into producing its own juice bearing the name of the company.

He also shared that plans are in place to expand his offering to a wide range of drinks.

The young man currently operates the business from his parents’ house at post 12, which he uses as both a studio and an office.

He explained that although the reception was humble and exceeded his expectations, he admitted that it was a saturated market with high competition and low barriers to entry.

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“Being a youngster in a competitive market has not been easy, but every day is a learning experience and an opportunity to continue to grow the brand beyond Soweto.

“It’s hard to find people who believe in your vision and actually invest in it, but we always make sure to provide the best service and quality material,” he concluded.

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