The hottest dog fashion trends this winter


While there’s a lot of fun to be had in fashion, practicality is still essential for time spent outdoors during a cold, wet winter.

Say goodbye to wet, muddy fur by using a utility vest or jacket to protect your dog from the elements, while looking chic.

“These jackets are waterproof with insulated liners and are comfortable to run and wear for a long time,” says Dwyer.

“[We’re seeing a lot of these] durable accessories with heritage details for pet owners who want to enjoy winter camping trips.

Or utility jackets were once typically sold in beige or camel, Dwyer says brighter colors are starting to make their way in.

“It used to be ‘We buy the brown or the black or the navy,’ but now it’s ‘My Great Dane girl needs a pink sherpa,'” she says.


Staying warm has never been so enjoyable.

Just as we flock to merinos as the mercury drops, you can expect to see plenty of pooches swinging around cozy knitwear This winter.

“Everyone loves hugs and if your [dog is wearing] a knit is nice, soft and comfortable for them, and the compression can help dogs feel relief from anxiety,” says Dwyer.

“From chunky knits to turtleneck styles, the sweater is a timeless essential with artisanal appeal.”

Matching accessories

Just as humans use jewelry to elevate a look, dogs are now getting into the accessory trend (like this matching coat, harness and carry out combo) with everything from matching leashes and collars to bowls, beds and jackets.

“Australians prefer things that look smart, yet are good quality and comfortable for their dogs,” says Dwyer. And what could be smarter than a complete look from muzzle to tail?


“Gorgeous and ideal for an Insta moment”.

After caring for a greyhound and spending time with her brother’s whippet, Dwyer was struck by the coldness of this breed. headgear may be the perfect way to combat this.

“They sleep a lot and are very sensitive to the cold,” she says.

“I noticed my brother’s whippy loved to cover his ears, so we designed a jacket that could fold up and cover his ears, which reduced his anxiety, so he kept dozing off. Then we thought : ‘And a scarf that goes under the jacket and that he can put over his ears when he’s cold?’ And he totally loved it.

This year, Dwyer went even further with fluffy pom pom hoodies.

“It’s quite gorgeous and great for an Insta moment,” she says.

“But of course, if your dog doesn’t like it, don’t use it. My brother’s dog and the greyhound I raised loved it, but that doesn’t mean all dogs will like it – it has to be right for your dog.

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