The pre-loved fashion trends to look forward to this season


From the 2005 twee to the urban explorer, these are the occasion styles to look out for.

About three years ago, I decided to ditch fast fashion in favor of conscious wardrobe choices. I opted for second-hand shopping (still true today) and organized my own thrift store capsule wardrobe. But as a chronically online girl, I found it hard to resist the abundance of microtrends that suddenly flooded my For You page.

It was platforms like Depop and consignment stores like Goodbye who taught me that circular fashion doesn’t have to be boring. There are ways to engage with ‘trends’ in a conscious way, adjusting your wardrobe seasonally to include new textures, shapes and color palettes. Besides, who knows what is really “trendy” anymore?

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As Category and Trend Manager of Depop Augustine Panzoni says to me: “Everything is happening, everything is trending, everything is in free fall. We are entering the season of flex dressing”. And it’s true – there really are no rules. But if you are looking for a second-hand summer jewel, Agustina and Lachlan Sullythe assistant manager of Goodbyes Brunswick, have compiled a list of planet-friendly trends to watch.

Lachlan Sully, Assistant Manager at Goodbyes Brunswick

Layers upon layers upon layers upon layers

Wear everything you own at once. A cropped fitted jacket over a longer t-shirt over an A-line skirt over a pair of baggy jeans with a hat, sunglasses and a scarf. Or an oversized hoodie over a dress over a pair of baggy shorts over a pair of Adidas sweatpants… you get the idea.

Feel free to mix and match contrasting fabrics, textures and prints; how you dress is one of the easiest ways to express your individuality. Wearing tons of layers is also great when the weather warms up, you can always peel some off to reveal what’s underneath.

2005 twee

The pretty Unironic is back. This time it’s less Alannah Hill or Zooey Deschanel and more Marissa Cooper attending Chanel High School. Feel your feminine fantasy in tweed jackets, ballet flats, devoré velvet skirts with lace trim, lace all over, floral prints, satin ribbons, rosettes, Keds, polka dots and layers of ruffles. Pay attention to the vintage Anna MolinariAlberta Ferretti, Rodarte, Sonia Rykiel, Valentino, Jill Stuart, Blumarine, Miu Miu, etc…

Wear a suit

As RuPaul says in his Masterclass, “Wear a suit”. Well, he says “Wear a suit if you want to make more money”, but why not wear one just for fun? Having a suit that fits you well isn’t that important either. It should be oversized and disheveled, with a loose shirt (not ironed) and a sloppy tie. It’s about what it’s like to wear a suit; almost cosplaying as an “adult” while still being an adult.


Why don’t you dress as you are wander around Mykonos or Marseilles? Skin-tight polo shirts, distressed low-rise denim, big shiny belt buckles, a pair of flip-flops, mountains of jewelry on every limb, and a worn-out baseball cap, why not? Wraparound sunglasses are a must, as well as a giant designer bag. Maybe even a visible bikini underneath it all. We do not care? You’re on vacation! Good kind of. Look for Dsquared2, Pucci, True Religion, Armani Exchange, old Dolce and Gabbana, Iceberg, Missoni and Diesel.


The scale of our accessories is evolving. The sunglasses are suddenly gigantic and wrap around our whole heads. The scarves are super thin and long with fringe or beads and can be worn all year round. The bags are huge and convenient to change. Carry everything you might need throughout your day and night, maybe even the next day. For shoes, think both chunky and funky… like boat shoes with a chunky sole, clown-scale square-toe loafers, or a pair of chunky flip-flops or flip-flops that will give your feet (can -to be giants) a small appearance.


Agustina Panzoni, Trend and Category Manager at Depop

grunge glamor

The villain who embraced a confident self became the most arrogant and daring; a rebellious spirit runs through the holiday season and attracts envious glances. Commit to this trend through dark makeup and metallic accessories, [bringing] 90s grunge to your outfit. At Depop, we’ve seen searches for “grunge” increase 169% year over year. Take inspiration from straight, clean silhouettes paired with glamorous pieces like sequined tops, black leather pants and silver jewelry.

Leather racing jackets are particularly popular right now… both stylish and durable, Depop saw a 143% increase in searches for “leather bomber jacket” year over year. A classic pair of Doc Marten boots is [also] an easy way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe.

Recommended Depop sellers: @cocobellevintage and @ailuros


[Metafemme means] a youthful spirit that enchants others… looking like a fairy tale character. Engage in this trend by relying on Valentino hot pink and rosy red palettes on sleek, less alluring silhouettes. Think puff sleeve dresses, pink beaded chokers, tweed ensembles and sheer lace gloves!

Recommended Depop sellers: @faemade, @jayscotttttt and @sweetcarolinesvintage

Urban Explorer

Nines to fives need a modern tailored wardrobe that is also suitable for the daily commute. The movement does not stop at the weekend, because [this] the aesthetic suits brunches with friends, museum visits and Sunday pub dinners.

Embrace this trend by getting weatherproof outerwear, functional technical clothing accessories and chunky trainers inspired by trail shoes paired with smart button-down shirts and tailored pants for elevation.

Recommended Depop sellers: @armon_depop, @tipping points, @the addict

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