The spring-summer fashion trends of Neelam Mistry-Thaker

TIPS: Neelam Mistry-Thaker

By: Eastern Eye

A new season translates into boutiques filled with the latest trends, reinvented from fashion shows around the world.

This year, after two years of loungewear, there’s added sparkle as we emerge from the dark depths of Covid-19, with eye-catching colors, bold prints, bold styles and interesting revivals.

eastern eye asked fashion expert, personal stylist, and style coach Neelam Mistry-Thaker to preview her top six trends for Spring/Summer 2022, and how she’d style them. Before picking out the super six trends, she said, “Before you get sucked into a new trend, ask yourself if it’s a passing fad or a great addition to your wardrobe? As a personal stylist, I’m always on the lookout for the latest trends, but I also think about how my clients can get the most out of it, instead of wearing it for a season and then leaving it in the back of the wardrobe. So think about what pieces you’re missing, what suits your body, what colors will make you shine, and what styles will give everyone a glimpse of you and your personality.

Color: Belted Collar Jumpsuit; £120;

Color: I like to see the color in the main street. I am here for this ! You’ll see some of the best shades on the high street like spring greens, barbie pinks, bright oranges and very faded, the Pantone purple color of the year. You can experiment with a more casual look with relaxed jeans or opt for a full party dress in a statement color. Don’t forget that the color can also be worn in accessories like bright colors in a bag or shoes to give a subtle hint of energy and personality. Wear your favorite shades closer to your face to illuminate your complexion and make a statement. You can try pairing complementary colors like bright greens and blues or for a romantic look try purples with pinks!

Prints: Printed short dress; £49.99; www.

Prints: I like to experiment with prints in bright, bold colors, contrasting prints for a not-so-safe look, and monochromatic prints for a more classic look. The trick with a print is to wear it in the area of ​​your body that you want to draw attention to. If you’re feeling bold, pair prints with other prints, or for a simpler look, pair a print with a solid color. Also, don’t forget that they can be layered to create extra interest! They are a great way to add personality and color to an outfit. I like to wear a print with a trendy jewel in complementary or contrasting colors to give an extra dimension to an outfit.

Ultra mini skirt: Seams
mini skirt; £35.99;

Ultra miniskirts: Get your legs out for the ultra mini skirt! You’ll see them all over the high street in bold prints and colors to make the biggest statement. You can pair a mini with knee high boots or a pair of strappy heels for the ultimate edgy look. For layering, try with a long open coat or cropped biker jacket for an edgy look. Think that the shorter, the better! You’ll see them in assorted coordinating options to create long, clean lines of color or print. Super elongated, for a smaller frame.

Pleated midi skirt: Pleated skirt; £29.99;

The pleated midi skirt: Probably one of the most wearable options that won’t easily date in your wardrobe. Try in different colors, fabrics and prints. Experiment with the pleated skirt by teaming it with a crop top, a loose t-shirt, a sweater or a blazer to stay on trend, both stylish and timeless. It’s probably one of my favorite pieces and can instantly add femininity to your wardrobe. Wider pleats add more width to the lower half of the body, so think about your proportions and how to create balance.

Cutouts: Asymmetrical
cut-out top; £35;

Cutouts: Yes, they are back! Cutouts and dresses are everywhere. Let the cutout do the talking and avoid any other distractions. Consider cutouts on the chest, shoulders or waist to grab attention. I would pair a cutout knit with wide leg jeans and slicked back hair for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Biker Jackets: Balfern
leather biker jacket;

Biker jackets: A real wardrobe basic that is making a comeback this year! I would style with a simple, clean look to let the jacket make a statement. You can opt for a classic black leather look with silver or gold detailing, or try suede and colorful options to add interest to your wardrobe. Easily paired with any room in your wardrobe; denim, dresses, pants. It can easily put together a whole outfit.

Here are some of my top trends of the season that can be worn when done right! Remember, when investing in a trend, consider whether it suits your body shape, compliments your natural skin tone, and flatters you and your personality. Parts that do will be your best investment. Good shopping!

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