The top 5 culchie FASHION TRENDS that everyone will recognize

Spotting an Irish culchie by the clothes they choose to wear has never been easier, so check out these iconic culchie fashion trends you might recognize.

A culchie is an Irish person who comes from the countryside (or anywhere out of town if you ask a Dub), and there are surefire ways to spot a culchie in town, just by their fashion choices. .

One of the main ways is to observe their unique fashion trends, which only a culchie could love, so if you see someone wearing one of these items, you can almost guarantee they are a culchie.

Unfortunately, while many of these items guarantee comfort, they don’t always stand out as being fashionable, but you’re out of luck if you try to change that tradition. So, that being said, here are the top five culchie fashion trends.

5. Blue jeans with dress shoes – best culchie outfit for a night out on town

One of the biggest trends in culchie fashion.

If you are on a night out, you will surely spot a few guys sporting this trend which is a top choice for culchie Irish fashion. Dressing up means pairing dress shoes with culchie-eyed blue jeans, and you’ll almost always know you’ve spotted one when you see this iconic combo.

This unique culchie outfit is usually comprised of bootcut jeans with black or brown shoes, but however they wear it, it’s a surefire way to spot a culchie by this fashion choice.

4. The tracksuit – the comfortable but dressy option

The tracksuit.

One of the notable trends in Irish culchie fashion is the tracksuit, a typical outfit to wear for any social occasion.

Changing out your muddy wellies and ripped plaid shirt for a clean, well-ironed tracksuit is a big deal for a culchie, and you know he means business when he’s wearing this one.

There are no limits to where a culchie will wear their tracksuit, whether in a pub, restaurant or even a concert, the comfy yet dressy tracksuit is one a culchie can always rely on.

3. The Paddy Hat – the traditional culchie fashion item

The paddy cap is one of the biggest trends in culchie fashion.

If you’re heading to cities like Dublin, Cork or Galway, you won’t always see the average joe wearing a paddy hatbut if you go to the country, it will be an everyday fashion item among the culchies.

The traditional Irish tweed paddy cap is commonly worn by culchis, who love nothing more than to carry on tradition, and supporting Irish fashion is their way of doing it.

The older generation may wear it traditionally, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see young guys sporting paddy caps.

2. The plaid shirt – the one for any occasion

The paddy cap is a classic.

The plaid shirt is one of the most common garments representing Irish culchie fashion in all its glory.

It’s a staple of any culchies wardrobe, and they’ll have one in every color and for every occasion, whether it’s the farm shirt, the wedding shirt, the party shirt, or even the pub shirt, there is a plaid shirt for every possible. situation, making it a favorite among the culchies out there.

It’s also one of the best fashion items to give as gifts, as there are endless patterns and colors to choose from that the culchis in your life will appreciate.

1. The GAA jersey – one of the most iconic irish culchie fashion trends

Culchie fashion trends that never end.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

While many sports fans in Ireland occasionally wear a GAA jersey when their county team plays a match, the way the culchie wears this iconic Irish fashion item is slightly different.

No matter the occasion and whether there’s a game or not, a culchie will always have their local GAA shirt close at hand.

This is one of the most common ways to spot a culchie overseas, given that he likes to pair it with shorts and head to the beach, or pair it with jeans for a night out. to drink.

Alas, many of us wouldn’t be caught dead in some of these articles, but for the culchis who love donning these “dodgy articles,” we applaud you.

So next time you’re wondering if you’ve met a culchie or not, take a look at what he’s wearing to see if he fits any of these Irish culchie fashion trends. Also, if you’re starting to wonder if you might be a culchie, check out our article about it here.

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