The top fashion trends to get ahead for Fall/Winter 2022

The trends are there.

Summer may not be over yet, but fall is just around the corner and if you’ve been shopping lately, you’ll know that this season’s clothes are already making an appearance.

Although we don’t want to start thinking about our winter wardrobe, now is the time to move on and think about the trends that should be big in the next season.

Whether you’re shopping in the high street or going from charity shops to vintage stores, there are new trends to watch out for and luckily nothing is too far off for us to nail it.

So what are we looking at when it comes to upcoming trends? From everything we’ve seen during A/W Fashion Weeks, the outerwear style update is all the rage. clothes like this).

So what can we expect to see?

Fendi makes pure.

Sheer is in fashion. While that might be intimidating to some of us, it doesn’t have to be as extreme as it is on the track. From maxi dresses and sheer skirts to completely sheer tops and pants, an underlayer might be in order in an Irish winter, but covering our skin is not an option when it comes to what designers think.

The Versace corset.

Corset tops are becoming a major fashion statement and are here to stay, so anything with a bustier or corset style is something you need to get your hands on if you haven’t already. Luckily, these are nothing new and are already in most stores, along with pre-loved pieces, so you’re bound to buy one no matter where you shop.

Prada basics

The basics are back, making a statement through accessories and pants, the tank top, t-shirt or basic tank top is all you’ll need. Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are already masters at it, so if you need some inspiration here, these are your go-to girls.

The trendy coat from Gucci.

Speaking of statements, the coat will be the center of attention in any outfit this season. The more fur the better, the more print the better and if you can add some color or even some shine you’re sorted. Think of any coat Macklemore wore in his video for Thrift Shop, it’s all in there and a real thrift store is easily the best place to go.

Barbiecore by Valentino

Barbiecore has been all the rage lately, and that’s exactly what you’d think. Hot pink, especially the hue Valentino is best known for, is the color of the season. While it’s not traditionally something we’d go for this time of year, it’s something everyone will wear and suit all skin tones. God, I wish I still had the hot pink cargo pants I had when I was seven now.

Coperni cutouts.

As we have seen before, showing the skin by wearing transparent clothes is there, but it is not the only trend we will see for this look. Extreme cutouts are here to stay and showing off a bit of skin is something we’ll be seeing a lot more of. Dresses and tops for a night out these days are all set to have clean cutouts to really show off our mid-riffs and waistlines.

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