The Varsity Trussville a men’s clothing store, “Giving an identity to the men of Trussville”


By Hannah Curran, Editor-in-Chief

TRUSSVILLE — The Varsity Trussville at Amari Curb Market, located at 109 Glenn Avenue next to Amari Curb, is designed to inspire southern gentlemen’s closet for any occasion. The appearance of the store is not your traditional building; The Varsity is located in a refurbished 1973 Airstream.

The Varsity Trussville (Photo by Hannah Curran)

Anna Page and TJ Davis love clothes and wanted to bring that love to Trussville. Anna Page is originally from Trussville and she met TJ, who is from Tallahassee, at Auburn University, where TJ played football.

“It’s just something we like to do, just shopping for clothes,” Anna Page said. “Part of the reason we wanted to come to Trussville was for Trussville to have its own take on men, so we could help bring that idea to the men of Trussville.”

The dream started from a simple conversation and TJ said his wife made it come true. Anna Page said returning to Trussville was important to her because she wanted to continue being part of this community and raise her family there.

“There’s a vision for our style, and that’s why we decided to open our store and bring it here,” Anna Page said. “We’ve organized a lot of different things that epitomize what we stand for.”

TJ said it was a unique experience in terms of the process and getting to where they are now. Both TJ and Anna Page have other jobs outside of The Varsity, and they spend their free time making it their dream business.

“GKnowing what is important to Trussville and the fact that Trussville really needs a men’s store, it felt like the Lord was speaking to us in volume right now,” TJ said. “It was reassuring to see that we were doing the right thing. The whole process was extremely fun. We just give the men of Trussville an identity; we just feel like we can help give that to the men of Trussville.

The Varsity Trussville (Photo by Hannah Curran)

Trussville has no other retail store, and the Davises saw a need and knew they could help.

“We’re the only ones, which sets us apart,” Anna Page said. “We carry a range of different things, so whether you’re at the office, the gym or the golf course, we’ve got all those pieces that are a staple in your wardrobe. Everything we wear, we want the men of Trussville to feel good, look good, and be able to create those memories with their families in their lives and look good. So that’s what we’re here for. »

The name “The Varsity” played on a lot of ideas the Davises loved and pulled from their own lives.

“My husband played football at Auburn, I worked for the football team, and so sports have always been a part of our lives, and that’s how we met,” Anna Page said. . “So The Varsity was just something that came to mind.”

However, the Varsity logo has a different meaning. A horse bites and is designed to communicate the wishes of the rider to the horses.

“That’s sort of the reason we chose this because the outfit and style that men wear is how you communicate and represent yourself to others, whether you’re in the office or on the golf course, or out to dinner with friends, how you dress is how you behave, and so that was sort of our vision for that,” Anna Page said.

The Varsity Trussville (Photo by Hannah Curran)

Being in the Airstream adds to the idea of ​​standing out as it creates a different and fun atmosphere.

“It’s old and traditional and classic, and those are some of the things we wear without clothes because the clothes we have, you can wear for the rest of your life,” Anna Page said. “These are just classic basics in your wardrobe.”

TJ said they were attracting customers who were intrigued by the idea of ​​the Airstream clothing store.

TJ explained that he is very picky about his clothes and understands the difficulties that come with shopping for clothes.

I want to send a message, and I feel like it’s a way of expressing who I am,” TJ said. “I believe so much that what you wear definitely says to the other person like, ‘hey, I like to feel good, and that’s kind of my style.'”

The Davises want customers to come in and feel right at home with friends.

“It’s relatable and a great way to stand out,” TJ said. “There’s nothing like it in Trussville. It is extremely unique.

The Varsity Trussville logo (Photo courtesy of Anna Page Davis)

The Davises had seen similar stores when they traveled to Rosemary Beach, Florida. However, each store was different in what they offered. Some were shops, others served food. It’s just different, and that’s what they wanted.

“Comfortable, low country feeling where everyone knows each other,” Anna Page said. “It’s a fun place where they feel welcome. We usually have the games on Saturday; we really want it to be a place where the community wants to come hang out and be a part of it.

The Varsity is open from Tuesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. then Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

You can follow The Varsity on Facebook and Instagram @TheVarsityTrussville.

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