These TikTok fashion trends from the early 2000s will make you look fresh out of The Simple Life


Low waist jeans

Originating in the 90s and later becoming the pinnacle of early 2000s fashion, low rise jeans were popularized in the 2000s by style icons like Beyonce and Kiera Knightley – seen everywhere from movies to music videos.

While their resurgence has most millennials thinking back to their teenage years with angst, modern fashion leaders like Bella Hadid are once again having low-rise hipster jeans all over the world.

Kim Kardashian


Corset Tops

Corsets have been around for as long as any of us can remember, and we usually associate them with period films like Titanic (to the Rose of Kate Winslet’s character).

But icons like Britney Spears have had us all lacing up our tops and squeezing our waists into the new millennium.

In 2022, corsets are back, thanks in part to the world’s fierce love for Bridgerton and the widespread influence of Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe.

Paris Hilton


Pleated skirts

The micro mini skirt has seen an explosion in popularity since hitting the catwalks this season, and the pleated version is no stranger to its fame.

High-end Italian designer Miu Miu sent the fashion world spinning when her ultra-beige mini skirt was showcased at her Spring/Summer 2022 show in Milan.

The 2000s, along with sports icons Venus and Serena Williams, were responsible for the world taking the tennis skirt into their daily lives and as one of the top five most popular items of the 00s on TikTok, it seems let him be back with a vengeance and going nowhere fast.




Worn over the head in their traditional style, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were barely seen without a bandana in their iconic teen movies – signal their entry into mainstream fashion.

Bandanas have proven to be multi-dimensional though, being wrapped around the torso as a first in the 70s, but coming to life recently in a wave of new looks that focus on silky, beautifully patterned mini scarves sitting pretty at low side rise jeans or mini skirt with lots of pairs.

In recent years, Bella Hadid has given the bandana a re-emergence. The fashion-forward model rocks them regularly during beach days or as a top during New York summers.

Paris Hilton


Trucker caps

Popularized by Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton back in the days of Simple Life, trucker hats are a 2000s trend that’s had a real comeback lately and thankfully doesn’t seem as polarizing as the Y2K trends that accompany him.

The Hadid sisters, who often give serious fashion references to a trend and influence millions to follow suit, have co-opted the trucker hat in recent years and helped it land in the top ten trending items of the decade, with videos on TikTok awash with users showcasing their headwear collections.

Sarah Jessica Parker


Chopstick bags

The classic baguette is the it-bag of this century, booming in the early 2000s when viewers of the cult classic sex and the city seen the item adorning the outfits of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw.

But it is no longer necessary to look far to see one over the shoulder, the trend experiencing a phenomenal rise in popularity since the SATC to restart And just like that in 2021, Carrie was again holding nothing but a baguette bag.

Paris Hilton


Baby t shirts

The 2000s were a decade full of bellies, and our penchant for crop tops definitely satisfied that. From halter tops to corsets, crop tops were all the rage – and another hugely popular trend version was the baby t-shirt.

A simple t-shirt with a tapered fit, baby t-shirts were just cropped t-shirts with short sleeves, a slim fit, and usually some sort of embroidery or graphic print. For those who really want to channel the Y2K vibes, pair them with low rise jeans with an exposed thong.

Paris Hilton


Velor Tracksuits

The 2000s velor tracksuit, often seen dressed by the likes of Paris Hilton, has also seen a real revival of late, perhaps unsurprisingly since we’ve collectively spent so much time on our couches over the past few years and loungewear as a whole saw a huge jump in sales.

In its heyday, the real popularity was due to Juicy Couture – but nowadays most brands have their own offerings and the velor tracksuit has become a trend item in itself.

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