Top 10 TikTok Fashion Trends That Took Over The Internet In 2021

Tiktok is where Gen Z hangs out. With over a million users uploading videos every day, the app has a significant impact on global fashion trends. The Tiktok fashion community has several subgenres, and with everyone finding representation on the app, there has been an increase in individualistic fashion.

Fashion houses and brands have been promoting their products through TikTok creators for a very long time. The app’s impact on fashion trends has been huge in 2021 and will likely continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

From cottagecore to white shoes, 10 Tiktok fashion trends for 2021

1) Cottagecore

According to Wikipedia,

“Cottagecore is an aesthetic and fashion style inspired by romanticized interpretations of the rural and agricultural way of life.”

Cottagecore fashion is all about going to the roots and dressing like the mothers or even grandmothers of the house. Clothes made from natural fabrics and earthy tones are the anchors of the trend. TikTok has seen a rise in aesthetics as more country-related shows and movies like Enola Holmes began to be released on online streaming sites.

Flowing dresses, vintage lingerie, floral prints, high neck dresses and puff sleeves are part of Cottagecore. The color palette typically includes warm colors that look great under a warm or sepia filter.

2) E-girl/E-guy

E-girl fashion was one of the hottest mid-year looks. Black, white and pink dominate the aesthetic. The look usually includes fishnets, wing eyeliners, black clothes, a crew neck harness and overly flushed cheeks. Leather garments and block heel boots are another important part of this fashion.

3) Tie-dye

The old-school pastime has gone incredibly trending on TikTok over the year. Single-color tie-dye has become popular among dancers and other designers. Purple, blue, black and pink on a white base were the most popular designs.

4) Oversized Blazers

Blazers have evolved into much more than office wear. Oversized blazers have become everyone’s favorites this year. Paired with slips, parallel pants and mini skirts, Blazers made everything look chic.

5) Bobs

From Billie Ellish to Bella Hadid, everyone has been seen wearing a bucket hat this year. The hat, intended to protect fishermen from the sun, became a fashionable accessory. The hat is popular in all colors and fabrics. People love all aspects of the bob trend.

6) Matching sets

The 90s fashion trend of matching tops and bottoms is a trend that keeps reinventing itself. TikTok fell in love with matching sets this year. Hoodies with joggers or tops with skirts – the trend can work in many ways. Gen-Z often went one step ahead and paired it with a matching bob.

7) Loose bottoms

Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, boot-cuts or cargos, Gen-Z has decided to give up tight jeans for comfortable bottoms. The designers were seen wearing mom and boyfriend jeans. The loose bottom is comfortable to wear or to participate in TikTok dance challenges.

8) Skater skirts

A versatile garment that can be worn formal or funky for videos. TikTok creators love this item, it works with almost all types of tops and can be paired with multiple shoes. The skater skirt was definitely part of every TikToker’s wardrobe this year. It is usually a high-waisted mini-skirt, pleated or not, inspired by tennis outfits.

9 )College jackets

With the rise in popularity of Riverdale every year, it’s no surprise that varsity jackets have also caused a stir. The jock-inspired trend took off in the fall. People associate it with almost everything, available in a variety of colors and fabrics, it’s a favorite among TikTok creators.

10) White Shoes

White sneakers never really went out of fashion. They stand out in an outfit without distracting from it. The white shoe trend is strong among TikTok dancers and the shoe makes it easier to follow footwork. The Nike Air Force 1 is everyone’s favorite white shoe. Nike is a well-known brand and the influence loves it. The white shoe looks sharp with the logo on it.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

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