Top Saree Fashion Trends for 2023


They are nonetheless a masterpiece.

In India, many women wear saris daily.

Worn on both casual and formal occasions, sarees do not only leave an impression on Indian women.

Many fashion designers and international platforms have incorporated elements of the traditional saree into their collections.

Initially, sarees were popular among older women, but as trends have evolved, young Indian women have also come to love the traditional attire.

As fashion knows no bounds, there are so many designs and fabrics available these days – so much so that even the most discerning buyer will feel satisfied.

Therefore, without further ado, DESIblitz presents the top saree fashion tendencies for 2023.

silk saree

Old habits die hard. Silk sarees have always been a delight and an evergreen saree trend for Indian women of all age groups.

The silky smooth touch is suitable for anyone who wants to appreciate their body and love their curves.

Ideal for all Indian skin tones and body shapes, these pure silk blend or chiffon sarees have been a hit since the beginning of time.

The only difference that has been implemented in these silk sarees is their new color scheme – pastels.

One of the beautiful marvels that participated in the dressing of the silhouette, these pastels refer to the soft and light shades of all the primary colors.

It’s already been a hit in 2020 and today’s brides seem obsessed with pastel shades.

It’s finally time for bold reds and oranges to move on and for calm and soothing pastel hues to take over the wedding reception.

organza saree

Top Saree Fashion Trends for 2023 – 2Organza sarees are a fantastic fabric that has been created with a lot of dedication and creativity.

He is from previous generations and his class has only improved so far.

These sheer sarees are a suitable choice for all those contemporary brides and bridesmaids.

Their sophistication and refinement show the grace of European charm blended with traditional Indian roots.

India always creates amazing clothing inspired by the western world and the delicacy of organza fabric is one of them.

Often one can find lovely floral work done on organza sarees which not only elevates their beauty but also achieves a stunning rich look.

Don’t confuse it with drapery that’s only suitable for young people, but this regal sheer fabric is an obvious delight for the elite.

It may look like a plain fabric weave, but behind its creation lies a world of supreme subtlety and luxury.

Floral embroidery

Top Saree Fashion Trends for 2023 – 3When it comes to saree trends for 2023, floral sarees and lehengas have gracefully taken this space.

They are no less of a masterpiece and are a perfect replacement for the traditional draping of a saree.

These floral designs work best on any fabric depending on the dress code that is except for the occasion.

Chiffon or satin sarees with rich floral work are wonderful choices that help you beat the heat and make you look and feel attractive.

If you think an all-floral saree is too much to take, you can very well try simple blouses that subtly suit colorful sarees.

Glitter work

Top Saree Fashion Trends for 2023 – 4Glamorous sequin sarees are another classic throwback to the saree era.

We know that most of our clothes or even our lifestyle are mostly inspired by celebrities that we adore and admire.

Sequined sarees have made their big inroads into the Bollywood industry and divas, such as Deepika Padukone and Janhvi Kapoor, have already made him a leader for everyone.

The best part of a fully glamorous sequined saree is that it doesn’t require much effort to look attractive with it as it requires no or minimal accessories.

Less is more with sequined sarees, so it’s best to be understated with jewelry and let your outfit do the talking.

The same rule goes for your makeup. A nude lipstick and a smokey eye look will work wonders.

Ombre Saree

Top Saree Fashion Trends for 2023 – 5The ultimate take on contemporary Indian wear is the ombre saree.

A fresh take on six yards, these sarees are a great outfit choice for a friend’s wedding or even as a gift to someone special.

This saree is an economical outfit and it is available in fabrics like crepe and georgette.

There are even embroidered ombre sarees that are available with various works like lace and zari added.

A favorite among the younger generation, ombre sarees are a delight for everyone and they are also available in different colors and patterns.

Net Saree

Top Saree Fashion Trends for 2023 – 6A stunning outfit perfect for parties, net sarees are not that different from their sequined counterparts, but they do have their charm.

There are different ranges and these versatile designs are not something you will find in other traditional sarees from India.

Net sarees can be worn with a combination of various fabrics that will enhance your look.

To take your look to the next level, pair your crisp saree with a contrasting designer blouse to ensure all eyes are on you.

Like every year, many saree trends are introduced which are not only loved by Indian women but they think it is an amazing outfit choice that suits any event.

So which of these amazing saree trends are you going to try in 2023?

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