UBM’s fashion accessories magazine to go digital – WWD

UBM Fashion has announced that its Accessories magazine will switch to a fully digital platform from January 2018. Its print edition will cease to appear and will print exclusively special issues, greetings and events.

Accessories Magazine has been publishing women’s fashion accessories news for over 100 years. Its current website and newsletter, sent out three times a week, is slated for an upgrade that “will provide a robust user experience and place more emphasis on news and events.”

And UBM Fashion will tap into its own network of salons to find new ideas and content: its shows include Coterie, WWDMAGIC, AccessoriesTheShow, Accessorie Circuit, Project Womens, FAME, Edit, Moda, Pool, FN Platform, Children’s Club and a collection of shows for men and children. Its updated digital platform will continue to report on industry news and share information with the industry, the company said.

Lauren Parker will remain Editor-in-Chief and will continue in her dual role as Brand Manager for UBM Fashion, Accessories for WWDMAGIC, AccessoriesTheShow, Fame and Pool. Parker told WWD that UBM Fashion “recognizes that the way the industry consumes information has changed and it has become more convenient for us to post news and trending information virtually as we go. Digital technology allows us this freedom I look forward to this next chapter of Accessories.

Its Accessories Merchant Hall of Fame, now entering its eighth year, will partner with the Accessories Council to present at the ACE Awards, which will take place on the new June market and show dates in 2018, said the society.

Tom Nastos, president of UBM Fashion, told WWD, “ACE is truly the most glamorous event in the accessories industry, and it has moved to June to coincide with our new June Women’s Market in New York City, headlining Coterie. We’re excited to bring the latest set of Props Hall of Fame inductees to our shows as well! It’s about bringing the industry together.

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