Victoria Quarter in Leeds confirms five new stores, including Liam Gallagher’s clothing boutique and Japanese-Scandinavian interiors boutique

Liam Gallagher’s clothing boutique Pretty Green will reopen alongside arrivals of ‘japandi’ – Japanese-Scandinavian – interiors store North Home, luxury tailors Carl Stuart, entrepreneurial brand storefront SOOK and Korean jewelers -London Astrid and Miya.

SOOK – described as a “retail innovator” – will provide high-street event space with pop-up experiences such as fashion designers, yoga, beauty salons and tech product launches.

The recently opened North Home on Vicar Lane is exclusive to Victoria Leeds and introduces shoppers across the city to Japandi design, a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles.

Historic arcades in the Victoria Quarter

Yorkshire tailor Carl Stuart, who already has shops in Huddersfield and Ossett, and whose client list includes members of the Royal Family, is moving into the county arcade in the Victoria Quarter. The boutique offers a bespoke suit service and the brand has a 50-year heritage in the region.

Expressive jewelery and body art brand Astrid and Miyu have set up their first pink boutique outside of London in the Victoria Quarter following their success in New York. The elegant boutique offers a fine range of jewelry, including their signature stacks and custom-soldered bracelets. The brand also offers engraving, tattooing and piercing services.

Back in King Edward Street, Oasis star Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green is set to reopen this month. Back by popular demand, the brand reflects the interconnected relationship between music, culture and style with its unique collection of menswear. From Manchester to Leeds, Pretty Green is set to take the city’s music and fashion community by storm.

Victoria Leeds Senior Managing Director Jo Coburn said: “We are truly delighted to welcome such a range of unique and distinct retailers to Victoria Leeds. Each of our new additions truly reflects the progressive philosophy of our destination and recognizes the demand for quality products and experiences in Leeds.

“Our customers seek varied, quality and inspiring environments in which to spend time, and our goal is to proactively respond to this by enhancing their experience and exceeding expectations.”

The Victoria Leeds estate includes the Victoria Gate Center as well as the city’s historic Victorian shopping arcades.

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