We asked an expert what fashion trends to expect in men’s wedding wear this summer

After a very long two-year period of cancellations, postponements and virtual ceremonies, we couldn’t be more ready for the boom back to summer 2022 weddings.

But coupled with all the excitement of getting back into the events, there’s the separation anxiety that comes with ditching our oh-so-comfy sweatpants. While we want to look our best for those special occasions, we’re a bit lacking in practice when it comes to costume adjustments and black tie accessories.

So, getting back into the headspace of dressing to impress in time for wedding and event season, we spoke to fashion expert and vice president of merchandising at Grafton Apparel, Tiffany Braund, about latest trends in event apparel – from textured silver suits to adding pops of color through accessorizing, and in every way tip Top – a one-stop-shop for all event attendee fashion needs – helping you prepare for your next big outing.

As a reputable menswear brand, Braund notes that Tip Top is the place to secure your attire for your next big affair. The store offers exclusive prices on fashion sets, as well as a range of sizes and colors to choose from, meaning you’ll be sure to find something to match your personal style.

“We’ve done the hard work for you,” Braund told Daily Hive, explaining that Tip Top offers around 30 costumes, including all of the most appropriate and up-to-date styles. “If you were to go to a competitor, you might see rails and rails of all these different types of combinations, and that can be a bit overwhelming for someone.”

Having been in business for over 100 years, the pros at Tip Top have learned what’s most important in the fashion world: everyone deserves to look their best. “We adapt to your body, we adapt to your budget, we adapt to your style,” says Braund. “And most importantly, we give you the confidence you get when you feel good and feel good.”

And isn’t that confidence exactly what we all look for when debuting in events? For Braund, giving people that sense of confidence is why she helps people get dressed.

“There’s such satisfaction in watching a guy go from being a little nervous when he walks in, to putting on this suit, accessorizing, finishing the look, and then seeing him stand a little taller and look like, ‘Yeah, J ‘look good.'”

And now more than ever – after more than two years of hibernation – people want to dress up for the occasions marking their summer calendars.

“I’ve been doing this for 25 years and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had in retail,” says Braund. “It’s a crazy time because of the record number of events, whether it’s parties, proms, weddings – we’ve all been a couple for two years and people want to go out, put on something fancy and go have fun.

And that same excitement – according to Braund – plays into people’s openness to new trends, like opting for bright colors.

“The trends we’ve really seen aren’t baby pastels, they’re more modern pastels. They are dusty and understated, like beautiful sage green, elderberry, lavender and silver,” says Braund. “A silvery gray is the hottest color right now. So we kind of see it from two angles – the dusty, muted palettes and the pastels.

And when it comes to the fall season, Braund predicts there will be more fun than with the classic black or navy blue suit, expecting more jewel tones like emerald, sapphire , amethyst and burgundy garnet are hot on the wedding scene.

His favorite, however, has to be the silver textured suit at Tip Top. “It’s very soft, and if you’re standing in the sun, you’re not going to sweat like in a black suit,” says Braund.

But no matter the color, Braund assures us that nothing is more important than a good fit to look and feel your best. She explains that with technical developments in menswear over the past decade, modern suits have been designed not only to look good, but also to be extremely comfortable.

“We have a costume that is stretched so much that even all of the inner lining components are stretched,” she says, referring to Tip Top’s Modern fit DH-XTECH wetsuit. “You could run obstacles in this suit.”

Perhaps the most competitive advantage Tip Top brings to the table is its availability and selection amid today’s high demand. “We knew that at some point events would return – that the world would open up,” Braund says of how Tip Top anticipated supply delays. “As a company, we’ve taken a stand and started planning ahead, and it’s paying off.”

As for personal fashion advice, Braund has a few tricks up her sleeve. Even if you want to go for a classic colored suit like black or navy, she suggests having fun with the accessories – whether it’s through a colorful pocket square, a little peekaboo of a fun cufflink ” or funky socks.

“These accessories can transform the look,” says Braund, explaining that even if you want to appear one way for a wedding ceremony, you can use fun accessories to give your costume a second life for your next event.

From colorful costumes and quirky accessories to finding the perfect fit, it’s clear that Tip Top is the one-stop-shop for all your wedding and event attire needs.

For more information about Tip Top and to shop their styles, visit tiptop.ca.

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