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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Even if your school requires uniforms, kids will want to be fashionable for recess after being in quarantine.

A new back-to-school pop-up store has opened near Grand Court at Gardens Mall, where you can find the latest trends and how to get your money’s worth.

“The ’90s are back, and so are combat boots,” said Whitney Jester, Marketing Director of The Gardens Mall.

On Saturday, The Gardens Mall opened its “Current Trend: Pop-up Shop for Back to School”.

“We’re actually forecasting the biggest back-to-school shopping season in five years,” Jester said.

The store is located on the lower level just outside of Macy’s.

“People are ready to go out and start fresh and they need new clothes,” Jester said.

The main thing you need to know to be “enlightened” and “on fire” in the classroom is that the 90s are back. Cher’s yellow plaid jacket from Clueless is back in vogue.

“You can see that these denim jeans are actually the straight pants from the 90s. We have the sleeveless vest, a graphic tee and some distressed jeans.”

Moms and dads, pull out old photos and remember the trends including neutrals, BOHO, sneakers.

Fashion trends are definitely cyclical … … but this year we have of course the ’90s and a bit of the’ 80s,” Jester said, pointing to a Hawaiian shirt reminiscent of Magnum PI.

The accessories are big and the more stylish your backpack, if your school allows it, the better.

Jester said there are three perks of coming to the mall for your back-to-school shopping: “See the styles and see what you feel best in, you’ll only get shopping here in person. “

And you can save money with the sales tax holiday from Friday until August 9 and the mall has another offer.

“[You can] get a $ 10 voucher on your purchase of $ 50 or more or $ 25 on your purchase of $ 100 or more, ”Jester said.

The Trend pop-up shop now: Back to school will be at the Gardens shopping center until August 8.

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