When white rules the wardrobe: designers share summer must-haves | fashion trends

As the mercury continues to climb in the capital, dressing to beat the heat is the need of the hour. From classics like white tees to maxi dresses, now’s the time to break out your summer essentials. So we ask these fashion designers which clothes and accessories they swear by during the sunny season.

Rahul Mishra

I feel like as cotton or linen ages, it becomes more comfortable. It is therefore good to take such clothes out of your wardrobe in the heat. Another important thing for summer is a good pair of sunglasses, which is a must. I say no to jeans because it’s too hot. For me, it’s all about linen or cotton shorts and pants. Another useful thing to keep in mind during summers is layering because when you are indoors at work there is air conditioning. So while it’s important to feel cool outside, you shouldn’t have to freeze inside either.

Rina Dakar

Summer is all about fun for me – experimenting with different styles of blouse lengths and sleeves. My summer wardrobe consists of a pair of white sneakers, a white shirt with tapered ankle pants and a super practical shoulder bag to carry. A pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays is also essential.

Sunet Varma

Summer in Delhi is usually very hot. So you have to feel cool while looking good. I think the basic items that everyone should have in their wardrobe to go out in style are a pair of well-cut bootleg blue denim jeans or skirt, a collared white linen shirt and an accessory that adds a bit of flair. fun or sparkle to your outfit. To accessorize, a large bag, a nice belt or a favorite piece of jewelery would be perfect.

david abraham

For me, every summer is an oversized white kurta shirt, which looks good on me. I like to pair it with a pair of comfortable sandals. This is my go-to everyday look for the season. They are both cool, open and don’t need socks.

Anju Modi

I consider myself lucky not to be in the corporate world, because designers don’t have to wear formal clothes every day. So, one can stick to kurtas and tunics for work outfits. For me, a classic white tunic or sleeveless dress is a cool way to beat the heat of Delhi summers. Sometimes it can be paired with a denim jacket or a capri. For accessories, a chiffon stole is what I like to wear. I can wear this look everyday with open sandals or chappals. The idea is to keep the look easy, airy and summery.

Samant Chauhan

To keep it fresh and light in season, neutral and pastel colors dominate my wardrobe. My favorite is an evergreen white shirt. I don’t need to think much before styling it because it goes well with any clothes and it looks great with jeans.

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