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The year 2000 and nostalgic fashion continue to reign among Generation Z.

A new report from Google shows the top trending fashion searches of the year among the Generation, which the Pew Research Center says includes people born between 1997 and 2012. Among the top trending searches for “Gen Z aesthetics “,” Pink aesthetic “ranked first place. It is followed by “Grunge Aesthetic”, “Y2K Aesthetic”, “Sweet Girl Aesthetic” and “Old Silver Aesthetic”.

The report also detailed historic peaks and highs in Generation Z fashion research trends. “Y2K” Fashion and Makeup – which refers to styles popularized in early August such as Juicy Velor Tracksuits. Couture, Ed Hardy hats, and French manicures, among other trends – peaked over 1,250% last year on Google. Related searches included tracksuits, skeleton zip hoodies, hipster jeans, baby t-shirts and mini skirts.

Other items that spiked in Google searches included trucker hats (750% increase), slip-on dresses (180% increase), claw clips (250% increase), mom jeans (600% increase) and platform shoes (450% increase).

The report also showed the top five trending fashion brands among Gen Z. The list ranks fast fashion retailer Edikted in number one, followed by socially conscious brand Cider, Australian fashion retailer Verge Girl, the brand of Adika and Victoria’s Secret fashion. .

For hair, mules and wolf cuts are at an all time high. Among the hairstyles, curtain bangs rank first, followed by mules, “E-boy” hairstyles, winged hairstyles and “soft boy” hairstyles.


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