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End of year 2021: We walked through 2021 with coronavirus in the kitten and the number of cases increasing. As the ray of hope reached us through the declaration of vaccines, wearing a face mask and maintaining social distancing became a necessity. As we wrap up another year while under fear of the coronavirus pandemic, let’s take a look at the face masks that have had a big trend in 2021 for their innovative approaches.

Embellished face masks – As the fear of covid-19 subsided a bit, people began to attend gatherings, weddings and parties. Wearing a normal face mask looked dull to match the ornate clothing intended for the holidays. Therefore, came to the rescue masks embellished with decorations in zari, moti and other decorative items to match the holiday mood. (
Rhinestone Face Masks – People matched the color of their clothes with the color of the rhinestones that adorned their face masks to make the outing of the house elegant. From a plethora of colors and patterns, to name and custom images, these face masks were a hit in 2021. (
Disposable Face Masks – Even though several decorated and unique face masks have entered the market, disposable and neutral colored face masks remain the most disposable part of our lives. Easily accessible, lightweight, comfortable and inexpensive, these disposable masks are a must-have accessory for getting out of the house. (
Sheer Face Masks – While decorative face masks added to the pop of color to the outfit, they always hid the makeup on the face. Therefore, the need of the hour became to find the face masks that would provide us with the necessary protection against the spread of covid-19 while making our facial makeup visible. Hence, came the transparent masks. (
Rainbow Chain Masks – Beads of different colors joined together to form chains to hold the face mask in place and prevent it from getting lost. These rainbow chains have become a style statement of 2021 and have been trending for all the right reasons. (

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