Zebra sells equipment to a clothing company

LINCOLNSHIRE – Zebra Technologies Corp. said on Tuesday that Phoenix-based Bespoke Manufacturing Co. purchased Fetch autonomous mobile robots and stationary industrial scanners from Zebra to improve productivity.

Zebra’s mobile robots and scanners will improve visibility into the Bespoke workflow – from initial fabric printing and cutting to final packaging and shipping, increasing efficiency and productivity and enabling the manufacturer to adapt to meet growing demand.

Bespoke is a technology-based print, cut and sew operation that specializes in one-of-a-kind, on-demand custom apparel and home fashion products.

“With Zebra’s unique solution, we are able to achieve significant labor time savings while maintaining the ability to instantly scale to meet seasonal peaks in demand and seamlessly change our production,” said said J. Kirby Best, President and CEO of Bespoke.

Best said the automated system allows the company to keep manufacturing jobs in the United States.

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