Zero 10 launches new ‘digital fashion center’ to create virtual clothing via AR


Image Courtesy: Zero 10

Zero 10 is known for providing innovative technology solutions to brands entering the digital world. It has launched a new “digital fashion center” that will allow designers, brands and users to create and wear virtual clothes using augmented reality (AR).

The AR fashion platform aims to create space for the “best in digital fashion,” the company said in a statement, while enabling virtual garments to be wearable in real life through Zero10’s proprietary AR technology. . The company worked with creators to gather opinions and feedback before launching the platform.

The app would come with a library of 3D models and clothing that can be customized using a range of colors and materials. Once complete, users will be able to share their creations on social media platforms like Instagram – with the hashtag #Zero10ARStudio.

It also planned to introduce an educational program for creators who want to learn how to turn designs into AR parts. Additionally, the ZERO AR Studio initiative will incorporate design tools that will allow the space to be accessible to everyone.

According to reports, Zero10 CEO George Yashin said, “Using our advanced technology and capabilities, we want to help the digital creative community bring this change to fruition and create a future where fashion can truly be expressive and unique, unlimited and more durable.

He added, “We want our platform to become the designated space for collaboration, community and connection where anyone with a passion for design, technology, content and digital fashion has the opportunity to bring their ideas to the world. through augmented reality.

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